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5 Helpful Pointers for NBA Sports Bettors

Date Posted: May 8, 2019

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is a professional basketball league for men in North America. With its indisputable worldwide popularity, NBA is inarguably the world’s premier men’s professional basketball league. It reaches wide audiences and sports fans alike across the globe, owed to the fact that it has its own TV channel, a huge bunch of sponsors, and a well-funded annual season run.

Having a considerable number of sports bettors among its population of fans, NBA is a staple sporting event in land-based and online sportsbooks. Basketball matches from this league are in demand and on demand on popular betting sites. Whichever bookmaker you choose to place bets on, you are most likely to come upon a long list of NBA betting lines.

Wager some money, and you can have a robust bankroll at the end of a match. To make the most of your NBA betting action, bear in mind these helpful basketball wagering pointers. You may be surprised by how much they come in handy each time you shell out some cash for a matchup.

#1 Use a Bankroll Management Scheme

Know that in NBA, each of the 30 teams plays 82 games during the regular season. If you intend to place bets per match regardless of the matchup, estimate how much you will need to have in your bettor account balance for the entire season. Hardcore NBA fans who are so into sports betting get carried away so much, forgetting to employ a bankroll management system. Most of them end up losing more than the amount they capitalized with.

Here are a few points to help you know how much you should wager and to help your bankroll grow rather than diminish fast:

  1. Never bet more than 3% of your existing bankroll on any single game, regardless if your confidence to win is high.
  2. Avoid making too many wagers in a short period of time. Do it slow yet steady. Besides, the season gives you 82 games per team to bet on.
  3. If you want to make multiple bets at a time, wager just 1% of your balance on each of three different actions.

By taking better control of how much you set aside per event, you develop the attitude of a disciplined bettor. At the same time, you have a big chance of building your bankroll with less risk, though slowly,

#2 Monitor Betting Line Movements

Bookmakers release game betting lines usually at least a day before the match. With more than 24 hours before the lines close, you have ample time to check out first how fans, analysts, and even tipsters react to the given odds before you place any bet.

One useful NBA betting tip then is to make your pick based on the current odds, and see if there are betting lines that move in favor of your initial pick.


#3 Take Note of Important Team Stats

Like all other sporting events, NBA collates a set of game-related statistics that, in ways more than one, affect how your bets will end up. In NBA, these are the stats you should largely take note of when handicapping:

  1. Points scored in the paint (points scored near the basket)
  2. Rebounds made
  3. Turnovers committed

The higher the points scored by a team in the paint and the more rebounds they make, the bigger their control is of the boards and the game pace. Meanwhile, the lower the turnovers, the better the team is at guarding the ball for more opportunities to score. In a match, the team that performs better along these three categories is worth betting on.

#4 Never Underestimate Home-Court Advantage

Believe it or not, studies show that teams playing in their home court get a boost in their chance of winning. Underlying factors attributed to this include the involvement of the crowd, travel considerations, venue’s climate, and players’ accustomedness with the place.

Even the organizers of the NBA know these. That is why each of the 30 teams in the league plays 41 times home and 41 away. So before you wager on a team, know whether that team is at the advantage in terms of play venue.


#5 Consider the Fatigue Factor

Any team can experience a decline in performance if fatigue gets in the way. Even if a team is considered a top bookmaker favorite, it can experience a dramatic loss in its current game if it had been playing for over 3 consecutive days already. It’s even more so if it’s pitted against players who have had some days’ worth of rest.

By taking into consideration the fatigue factor, you can recalibrate your level of confidence in the teams matched up for the game you’ll bet on.

Ready to make an NBA bet? Check when your favorite team’s next game is, and log in to your sportsbook account. Then, apply the above NBA betting tips for a test. The next thing you know, your bankroll is becoming robust, and you’re wanting to wager more in the next matches.

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