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5Dimes Founder Found Lifeless in Costa Rica a Year After Abduction

Date Posted: September 18, 2019

After having being reported missing for almost a year, the founder of 5Dimes sportsbook was found dead in Costa Rica, the local police confirmed.

William Sean Creighton’s body was found in a cemetery last week in Quepos, according to the country’s judicial investigation team. The cause of death is yet to be determined as the authorities still wait for the completion of the autopsy. Also, the Government of Costa Rica has not yet disclosed to the public how it found the body and identified it as Creighton’s.

Creighton, 43, was originally from West Virginia. He moved to Costa Rica in the late 1990s to establish 5Dimes, considering that online sports betting business operations in the US that time was considered illegal.


In January of this year, the Costa Rican OIJ released a statement saying that the offshore bookmaker was abducted. According to the report, the last time Creighton was seen was on September 24, 2018 after he left his 5Dimes office in San Pedro.

The following day, Creighton’s family received word from the abductors demanding a ransom of $5 million in Bitcoin. The wife then paid $1 million, said the police. But they still never released the American bookmaker, and they never contacted the wife again.

Also in January 2019, authorities raided parts of Costa Rica and Spain where the perpetrators of the abduction were believed to be in hiding. Eventually, 12 people accused of involvement in the disappearance of Creighton were arrested. Three of them, namely Jordan Morales Vega, Guiselle Vega Aguirre, and Maria Fernanda Solis Chaves, were extradited to Costa Rica to Spain in April for their impending trial.

Investigations are still ongoing for the extortive kidnapping allegedly committed by the identified suspects. Meanwhile, the US State Department, when asked by ESPN to comment on Creighton’s death, said:

“We can confirm Costa Rican authorities identified the remains of a U.S. citizen in Costa Rica. We offer our sincerest condolences to the family on their loss. We are closely monitoring local authorities’ investigation into the cause of death. We stand ready to provide all appropriate consular assistance. Out of respect to the family during this difficult time, we have no further comment.”