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Australia Gets Upper Hand In Rugby League World Cup Finals

Date Posted: November 28, 2017

The victor of Rugby League World Cup 2017 between Australia and England will be determined on Dec. 2 when the two powerhouse teams battle it out at Brisbane Stadium in Australia.

With the event also a popular one among sports bettors, Bitcoin sportsbooks focus their spotlight on Australia in the finals. Despite the odds, England is still a formidable team to beat, thanks to their defense and reserve players.
Australia faces England in Rugby League World Cup 2017 finals

Australia gets the better odds in final match

Australia has the dominating odds throughout the World Cup. Their odds are still at its highest with various Bitcoin sports betting sites. William Hill sets them at 1.12 while Bet365 puts them at 1.11. Australia aims at taking home another World Cup this year. For the team, settling for second place is just as worst as losing the whole World Cup.

Bookmakers are likely basing their odds in the team’s history. The only time that Australia lost the World Cup is in 2008 against New Zealand. Their defeat was a crushing one since it happened on home soil. Since then, the team dominated the World Cup with 10 victories under its belt.

Michael Hagan, assistant coach of Australia’s Kangaroo, said:

“The expectation is to win the World Cup but we know there’s a lot of hard work [to be done]. There is a bit of pressure you put on yourself with that mindset, but I think Mal’s trying to get the Kangaroos [back] to how they were regarded in a different era. It’s on home soil, it’s an important event and we want to make sure that we do well.”

England to make do with slim chance to snatch a win

England is one of the teams who have a shot against Australia. England gets 6.50 odds for rugby betting from William Hill while Bet365 puts them at 7.25 with its 2-Way betting.

Wayne Bennet, coach to the England National Rugby League, admitted that taking down Australia on their home soil is a tall order. In their match against Tonga, England almost never made it to the finals when Andrew Fifita was considered to have knocked on. For Bennet, he is satisfied with giving their best at making Australia work hard in winning another World Cup.

There is always a chance that England can pull off another victory against the Kangaroos like they did in 2006. The key is to keep up their game for more than an hour. England has a good set of reserve players who can fill anyone’s shoes when needed. An upset victory against Australia may still be in the cards for England in the finals.