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Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2017 Odds: Hamilton to Win

Date Posted: June 21, 2017

The Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2017 odds have been set for the race this coming Sunday. Bitcoin sportsbooks are giving its two favorite racers high odds of winning the Baku City Circuit.

The Baku City Circuit is one of the longest circuits in Formula 1. It is also the fastest track due to its longest straights where max velocity can reach 340 km/h.  But the question is who among the favored racers will win this time?

Azerbaijan Grand Prix odds

Bitcoin sportsbook platforms such as Cloudbet are giving Lewis Hamilton 1.800 odds to win the next grand prix while Sebastian Vettel has 2.600 odds. Valtteri Bottas is the closest to the two with 6.000 odds while Kimi Raikkonen is slightly farther with 12.000 odds.  Sportsbet.io has similar odds on the four where Hamilton has 1.70, Vettel has 2.40, and Bottas has 5.25 while Raikkonen settles with 10.75 odds.

As the season progresses, Hamilton is revving for top form. The previous grand prix in Canada was a glimpse of what Hamilton can accomplish in all other grand prix. Hamilton quickly over took Vettel by one point after the race in Canada.

Hamilton plowed through the track and got the fastest lap and total lights-to-flag achievement. This gave him 13 points and the pole position. Hamilton is quickly closing the gap between him and Vettel where Lewis is just 12 points behind. The aftermath of the race in Canada saw a slight drop in Vettel’s odds for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

After the Canadian Grand Prix, Hamilton said:

“I definitely think I have been at my best this weekend, it’s been a spectacular day and the team really needed it. To come away from Monaco, everyone pulled together and I don’t think in five years I have ever seen them pull together like they did.”

Bottas and Raikkonen are still the two favorites for coming in at third or possibly second. Although Bottas won the fourth grand prix, Hamilton and his crew may have worked out the kinks to ensure he will take first or second place.

Baku City Circuit feature

The Azerbaijan Grand Prix circuit is touted as the second longest track for this season. A single lap is about 6 km long. Despite the length of a lap, this circuit is the fastest track due to its long straights. Racers can average about 211 km/h and a maximum of 340 km/h.

The Baku City Circuit can be very demanding for the racers. The track has a mixture of tight turns that require skilled drivers to find the right time to hit the break and exit out of it with a good amount of speed. The narrow walls are another challenge added where it will be difficult for the racers to find a good attack opportunity and overtake their opponent.

The Azerbaijan Grand Prix design is to showcase the features of Baku city. This includes the Old City area which features many historical buildings such as the Maiden Tower.