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Basic Football Bets Bitcoin Players Must Know

Date Posted: April 5, 2017

Knowing the basic football bets can get bettors to fully enjoy most major football events like the English Premier League and the Champions League. There is nothing more satisfying than winning a wager on the favorite teams and athletes.

There are many different betting options available. This could be the reason bettors new to sports betting have the tendency to get confused. These bets, however, are easy to understand. These many options are available in popular sportsbooks like Bet365 and William Hill.

Moneyline and price odds

Bettors in the US are likely to notice the moneyline odds since these are common in online sportsbooks catering to US players. Moneyline is the most basic bet available, which involves the bettors predicting who will win the game. Sportsbook structures the odds from an underdog and a favored team, and knowing smart sports betting will increase bettors’ winning chances.

The odds the bettors might see in a football match, for example, can be Team A +200 and Team B -150. In this scenario, Team A is the underdog since the group has positive odds. Team B, on the other hand, is the favored one because the group has negative odds instead.

Bettors, for example, will need to bet $100 if they want to wager on an underdog team. The positive score shows how much they will receive if the underdog wins. In the event the bettors want to wager on the favored team instead, they must bet $150 in order to win the $100 payout.

The moneyline bet for Europe is considered as price bets where the odds are in decimal form. Using the same example as above, Team A might have odds of 3.20 while Team B has 1.60. A team or player that has the highest number is the underdog while the one with the lowest number is the favored one.

To know how much bettors could profit from a bet, the stake is multiplied by the odds. After the results, bettors take away the amount of the wager from the sum. Here is a sample of making a wager on Team A with a $100 bet.

  1. $100 x 3.20 = $320
  2. $320 – $100 = $220 profit

Other football betting options

A major football match is sure to have many bets available. This includes the over/under bets where players can wager on whether the end scores will be higher or lower than the score set by a sportsbook. There are also side or prop bets available, such as the first player to score a goal or if no team will get a score.

All Bitcoin sports betting options works the same way as the moneyline and price bets mentioned above. Bets that have a higher decimal number or positive number are risky wagers with a high payout rate. Wagering on the favored team or a side bet that has a good chance of happening is a safe wager that gives a low payout rate.