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Bitcoin Odds: Warriors Will Win NBA Finals Game 1

Date Posted: June 1, 2017

The NBA Finals 2017 Game 1 will take place on June 1 where the Cleveland Cavaliers will defend its title from the Golden State Warriors. The NBA Finals 2017 Bitcoin odds are leaning heavily on the Warriors’ side.

It is barely a surprise to anyone that the two NBA titans have made it to the finals. Despite being powerhouses throughout the conference, there is a gap between the Cavs and Warriors for this match.

Golden Warriors

This Friday match will be the third time that the Cavs and Warriors are fighting for the title. The Warriors are a serious threat in the Western conference. Steph Curry and company have dominated other teams during the playoffs.

The Warriors’ loss against the Cavs from last year’s finals has fanned the flames of the team this year. Golden State has an average of 118.3 points for this year’s games. The team has been delivering a staggering amount of sweeps against another team this year.

With Stephen Curry at the helm and other high key players like Kevin Durant and Draymond Green, the Warriors are a Juggernaut. Curry has an average of 28.6 points with 5.5 rebounds. Durant contributes with an average of 7.2 rebounds per game and Green with 2.1 blocks average.

Sportsbooks have been putting the Warriors in favorable odds throughout the season. It shouldn’t be a surprise that Bitcoin sportsbook like BetEast is giving the team 1.29 odds. Nitrogen Sports also has them at 1.318 while Anonibet is giving them 1.30.

Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cavs are this year’s defending champions again with 3-1 under its belt. Many sportsbooks are not seeing this though. Nitrogen Sports is giving the Cavs 3.599, BetEast has them at 3.50, and Anonibet places them at 3.55.

Despite the 3.5 average odds, the Cavs are still quite a threat during the Eastern conference. LeBron James with its 32.5 points and 2.15 steal average per game is sure to give Curry a run for his money in NBA Finals Game 1.

Backing up LeBron is Kyrie Irving with 24.5 points and 5.6 rebounds average per game. There is also Kevin Love with 17.2 points and 10.4 rebounds.

One reason why the bookies are giving the Cavs the underdog treatment is its defense. Unlike the Warriors, the Cavs has a blemish on its record during the conference when the Celtics took a win from the NBA juggernaut.

Despite the odds, the Cavs will still be a force to reckon with. The 3.50 price is not bad for anyone who is betting on LeBron’s crew to win the finals again.

Bettors who are looking to bet on which team gets the better of the first quarter will want to consider the Warriors. The team has an average +112 point differential during the first half of the games during this season.