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Bitcoin Sportsbook DirectBet Gets Ether On Board

Date Posted: September 22, 2016

Leading Bitcoin sportsbook DirectBet has decided to blaze the trail and added Ethereum to its list of acceptable currencies last month. This is a bold move since Ethereum may be looking good right now, but it does not have the solid reputation of Bitcoin.

However, DirectBet seems to be going all-in with its Ethereum choice by adding it to its Playing Wallet. DirectBet’s Playing Wallet can be used to play on all of DirectBet’s offerings while also functioning as a regular Ether Web Wallet for everyday use.

Ethereum’s increasing popularity

Ethereum has been making waves recently. It is one of the most recent claimants to the title of being Bitcoin 2.0. It is also the closest to being right about that. Ether is currently valued right behind Bitcoin in the cryptocurrency rankings. It is still just double digits. However, considering that Litecoin is still in single digits, that is quite impressive. In development since last year, the Ethereum network opened its doors in the first half of the year. It has quickly become a popular transaction medium because of its unique features and the amount of backing it has.

DirectBet Director of Marketing Michelle Gold has this to say of the acceptance of Ethereum:

“We are now seeing lots of Ethereum enthusiasts betting with their Ether on Sports, Horse Racing, Politics and other special events such as the Eurovision, as well as playing our provably fair Direct Dice and All-In Poker Flips directly on the Ethereum blockchain.”

DirectBet’s excellent performance

DirectBet wants to promote anonymity and simplicity when it comes to gambling. The company believes that cryptocurrency betting will be growing quickly in the future as more and more people realize that. This is why the company wants to open up to more cryptocurrencies, targeting the most favored ones.

It is not just cryptocurrency. DirectBet offers a large variety of sports and betting options. The sportsbooks section offers a lot of sports ranging from horse racing to football. It even has live in-play betting to add spice for experienced sports bettors. It also has casino games to give variety to a player’s options. DirectBet also allows for players to bet with no accounts. Players just send their wagers to a the designated Bitcoin address and if they win, they are automatically credited.

With DirectBet’s offerings and increased accessibility, Bitcoin sports bettors will be sure to appreciate playing at the gambling site.