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Bitcoin Sportsbook Odds Predict a Johnson Win

Date Posted: April 7, 2017

Anthony Johnson is getting a chance this Sunday at redeeming himself against his loss to Daniel Cormier two years ago. The Cormier vs Johnson UFC 210 match is one of the longest anticipated matches ever since the two clashed with one another back in UFC 187.

Bitcoin sportsbooks put Cormier in the underdog corner. This match will show if Cormier can answer Johnson’s powerful punches again or if Johnson will get a knockout by the second round.

Anthony Johnson odds

Cormier took home the belt from the UFC 187 back in 2015 with a submission. Despite this, he is the underdog for this match against Johnson. Nitrogen Sports gives Cormier 2.048 odds and Johnson 1.845 odds. Cloudbet also has Cormier at 2.010 while Johnson at 1.810.

The reason for these odds is the current version of Johnson that Cormier is about to face. This match’s Johnson has gone through a serious workout routine ever since 2015. His body went down to 170 lbs. and is now sporting more lean muscles than before.  This makes his already powerful punches even more of a threat for Cormier.

Apart from working on his body, Johnson has also been working on his skills. This makes his timing to deliver his devastating counters tighter than before.

When it comes to counters, Johnson actively gets them instead of waiting for an opportunity to fly at him. He corners his opponent with kicks until they fire a strong attack at Johnson to back off. At this point, Johnson fires back with a punishing return.

Daniel Cormier odds

Despite being the underdog, Cormier odds are very close to Johnson. BetEast.eu has Cormier at 1.99 and Johnson at 1.79.

Much like Johnson, Cormier has gotten more experience from many of his matches after the 2015 match. Cormier has been throwing rapid light attacks at his opponent in his previous fights. He is also known for delivering a devastating blow in a clinch or pocket.

The problem with this strategy is how Cormier will be on the receiving end of Johnson’s punches for the first part of the match. Cormier also has a short reach than his opponent. Cormier will have a very hard time to close the distance in order to get Johnson in a clinch or a pocket. This is why the odds of a knockout for Johnson are very high.

Should Cormier get into Johnson’s space, the tables are turned for Johnson. Cormier will be delivering massive blows to his opponent’s head and body.

This UFC 210 match is going to be a battle on who can outlast one another’s pressure. The one who can take the pressure will have control of his opponent’s space. Despite Johnson’s improvements and Cormier’s added experience, the two are closely matched. This is sure to make for an exciting weekend especially for the Bitcoin sportsbook and betting sites online.