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5 Red Sox Players Who Did Dodgers Real Damage at World Series 2018

Date Posted: October 29, 2018

The Boston Red Sox won its ninth World Series Championship title on Sunday, October 28. Winning four games out of five against the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Red Sox claimed the title early with still two games left at the World Series.

The Dodgers were left damaged at their home turf as Game 5 ended with a 1-5 loss for Los Angeles. All throughout the World Series, the Red Sox were living by their motto, “Do Damage.” And now at post win, the Red Sox motto turned into a victory chant saying, “Damage Done.”

The Red Sox worked as a team, and here is the list of the five members who did the Dodgers real damage:

1| Steve Pearce

Left fielder, Steve Pearce now holds his own title as World Series MVP after he boosted his team’s first lead in Game 5. Pearce contributed with a two-run, first inning home run, and a homer all the way up to the left field of Dodger Stadium.

On Sunday night, @RedSox tweeted,

“Steve Pearce, at your service. #DoDamage”

2| Mookie Betts

Mookie Betts, outfielder, made his first playoff home run in the sixth inning which gave the team a 3-1 lead against LA.

With his point contribution to the team, Betts acknowledged the team’s overall effort to win the title on a postgame interview. He said:

“Everything I did is kind of irrelevant. We proved that it’s not just one guy. We put everything together and played a great Series.”

3| J.D. Martinez

Outfielder, J.D. Martinez led the team to a 4-1 lead with his leadoff homer in the seventh inning. This is the third home run Martinez did in the postseason games.

Red Sox fan, Brendan Camp, posted a video of Martinez’ home run on Twitter. Together with the post were the words:

“JD Martinez goes yard to give the Red Sox a 4-1 lead.”

4| Chris Sale

Pitcher Chris Sale closed Game 5 when he struck out Manny Machado. Before Game 5, fans were concerned about his health status as the Red Sox pitcher is suffering from shoulder issues.

Also, the fact that Red Sox manager Alex Cora appointed David Price, rather than Sale, as starting pitch on Sunday caused some talk about how Sale was doing. But with Sale’s winning pitch, the fans’ worries suddenly went out of the window.

The moment Red Sox won, @FOXSports tweeted the video of Sale’s winning pitch. It read:

“THE BOSTON RED SOX ARE WORLD CHAMPIONS!!! Chris Sale strikes out Manny Machado to close out the World Series!”

5| Alex Cora

Red Sox manager Alex Cora contributed to the Dodgers’ damage as much as the players did. Cora led the team to a championship title on his first season as manager. All of his decisions guided the team toward their ninth title.

Cora’s player selections are the one most commended by the fans. They even call the winning team “Best Team Ever,” “Best Team This Season,” and “Best Team in Red Sox History.” The crowd of Red Sox fans at Dodger Stadium even chanted, “Cora! Cora!” when he lifted the trophy in the air after the game.

Steve Pearce, World Series MVP, expressed his admiration for the manager. He said:

“He’s an amazing man. He always seemed to make the right moves. Whatever he says, we listen and we do it. We jelled together behind him and everybody knew their roles because he was such a great leader. We followed him. I couldn’t have asked for a better manager to play for. In this great moment that we’ve had, it’s been a great season and he’s definitely been the head of it, and its great playing for him.”

From coach to players, the Boston Red Sox worked as a team, and now they are cherishing their victory. On the other hand, the Los Angeles Dodgers need to think of a better strategy as they have not won a World Series Championship since 1988.

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