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Bottas Improves Formula 1 Abu Dhabi GP 2017 Odds

Date Posted: November 20, 2017

Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel are still leading the numbers game across Bitcoin sportsbook sites for the Formula 1 Abu Dhabi GP 2017.

With the German racing driver winning the Brazilian GP, his odds are once again close to those of Hamilton for the last leg, especially since the Mercedes champion missed the podium in Brazil. Valtteri Bottas also has his odds get a positive change. This is thanks to placing second in the previous Grand Prix. However, he could have outraced Vettel since he has the same machine as Hamilton.

Bottas’ disappointing run

Abu Dhabi GP 2017 takes off on Nov. 24Bottas gets better odds over Max Verstappen who took the third favored spot in previous Grand Prix. Bet365 sets Bottas at 7.00 while William Hill puts him at 8.00. Both sportsbooks are putting 12.00 on Verstappen.

Bottas’ odds may be based on his performance in the Brazilian GP. He finished more than 30 seconds against Verstappen and nearly 2.70 seconds after Hamilton. For others, including Bottas, he had squandered a good opportunity at beating Vettel.

This opportunity was at the start of the race where both the Ferrari and Mercedes machines nearly had the same pace. Due to a bad start, Bottas allowed Vettel to overtake him at the first turn. There was another chance when he took the lead by stopping a lap early than Vettel. But Vettel quickly caught up and was just a few meters away from him throughout the race.

While Hamilton has a good lead in the Drivers standing, Bottas is just 22 points away from Vettel. He will need to outperform himself in Abu Dhabi to get a chance at the 2nd place of the Formula 1 standings.

Hamilton and Vettel odds

Despite having a fourth World Championship under his belt, Hamilton gave his best in the Brazilian GP and will continue to push his limit in the next race. The same goes for Vettel despite a series of crashes and car failure eroded his chance at the title. Both are looking to end this season on a strong note to get a good momentum going for next season.

William Hill puts Hamilton at 1.80 while Bet365 is slightly giving a better price with 1.83. Vettel’s odds are higher than the previous race. William Hill sets him at 3.60 and Bet365 has him at 3.25.

Vettel has a good advantage by taking the lead in the first corner, to which he added:

“I had a chance to squeeze down the inside at the start and tried to control the race from there. I’m pleased for the guys back home in Maranello who have been working so hard.”

A crash in the qualifying put Hamilton at the back of the grid. Fortunately, he had a new power unit installed which allows him to get the maximum output from his engine. This boost, as well as Hamilton’s driving skills, allowed him to overtake Verstappen and take fourth.