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Brazil, 3 Other Teams Predicted to Win FIFA World Cup 2018

Date Posted: June 14, 2018

As the World Cup Group Stage is about to begin this week, sportsbooks released their outright odds for the competing teams. With an incredible number of betting markets now available to all football punters, the most intriguing question for many is the outright odds on which team will take home the cup.

Among the 32 teams that will compete in World Cup 2018, the top four teams heavily favored by bookmakers with single digit decimal odds are: Brazil, France, Spain, and the defending World Cup champion, Germany. All these teams are known for their solid roster, great leaders, and long overall experience.

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The favorite for the Russia 2018 Cup competition is Brazil set by Bet365 and William Hill at 5.00 odds to win the tournament again. The Seleção or Brazil team is aiming for the sixth title win which will be the team’s first cup since 2002.

One of the factors that make Brazil a major threat is player Neymar da Silva Santos Junior. Neymar is the world’s most expensive football player after signing a 5-year contract with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) worth US$263 million. For the price, PSG has a forward with a playful style that often stomp opposing players. Brazil’s World Cup tactics rely on Neymar’s unique performance.

Apart from Neymar, Brazil has a solid defense in the form of Carlos Henrique Casimiro and Fernando Luiz Roza. Both midfielders allow Brazil’s forward players, Neymar, Gabriel Jesus, and Philippe Coutinho, to constantly deliver effective attacks against any opposing team.

Another factor to Brazil’s favorable odds is Tite, the team’s coach. His flexible management skill allows him to find several options for a specific opportunity. In the case of possession, for example, he could have Coutinho on the right wing or send in Fernandinho to the field for better distribution. With Tite in full reign, Brazil went through the World Cup qualifiers undefeated with only 11 goals conceded.


The German team is this World Cup’s defending champion and Brazil’s rival team. Bet365 and William Hill see the team as the closest second favorite for the World Cup with 5.50 odds from both sportsbooks.

Joachim Löw, Germany’s coach, is the one big contributing factor to the team’s strength. Löw has the experience and knowledge in taking the team to major tournaments such as the World Cup 2014. He knows how to manage tough situations and which men to send out at the right time.

Despite Germany’s overpowering 7-1 win against Brazil in World Cup 2014, Löw acknowledges their rival’s latest strength – that is, Tite who replaced Dunga as the Brazil’s coach.

Löw said:

“Brazil have improved noticeably under their new coach, Tite, who has given them a new mentality. It’s no secret that Brazil love to play attacking football but now they are more disciplined defensively as well. In 2014, we didn’t focus on a single superstar; ultimately, the team performance takes precedence over individual class.”

As part of the strategy plotted against a stronger Brazil in the finals, Löw brings in new faces. These include Jerome Boateng, Bayern Munich’s defender and the team’s incumbent captain.


The third favored team, France, won the World Cup title back in 1998. William Hill gave France 6.50 odds to win the Cup while Bet365 sets the team at 7.50 odds.

France has a formidable roster composed of individual talents, including Paul Pogba who is performing well with France than with his current club. Pogba was a major key in France’s 3-1 victory against Russia during the qualifiers. The team also has Antoine Griezmann who achieved 30 goals across 59 appearances. Together with N’Golo Kante and Blaise Matuidi, Pogba and Griezmann form a good strike force against any opposing teams.

France’s roster also has quality defense, courtesy of Hugo Lloris standing guard at the goal. There are also stout defenders such as Samuel Umtiti, Benjamin Mendy, Laurent Koscielny, and Raphael Varane.

Another factor to France’s high odds is Coach Didier Claude Deschamps. Deschamps has been the coach of the Les Bleus, France’s national team since 2012. His strength comes from being the team’s captain in the 1998 World Cup during which they won the title.


The last of the favored Quintet is also a World Cup holder back in 2010. Bet365 gives Spain 7.00 odds to win the tournament while William Hill sets the team at 7.50 odds.

Spain’s strength comes from its arsenal of attack options from the likes of David Silva and Sergio Ramos.

Silva is noteworthy for being adaptive on the field. Primarily, he serves as the team’s midfield defender. But if there are no defenders on sight, Silva switches to a forward role and delivers an attack. He has scored 35 goals throughout his career with Spain—the highest anyone in the team achieved.

Sergio Ramos, with 143 national team appearances under his belt, is an effective defender who can intercept nearly any attacks from an opposing player, thanks to his flexibility and acrobatic prowess. Like Silva, Ramos can also deliver efficient strikes despite being a midfielder.

With the World Cup Group Stage about to begin, the four heavily favored teams show that each has the players, experience, and coaches to be the best among the 32 competitors. Time will tell as to which of the four will reach the finals or if the last match for the cup will be something that no one could have predicted.

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