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Where Can Players Bet on eSports Matches?

Date Posted: December 13, 2016

Bitcoin eSports betting should be of interest to sports bettors in the UK. It is becoming an increasingly important part of the entertainment industry, with matches being broadcast all over the world. Popular games nowadays spawn eSports competitions and create a ton of fans.

Like other sports with a competitive nature, this has resulted in a healthy betting community. Whether wagering on individual players or on entire teams, a lot of people have started getting interested in eSports. Bitcoin allows players to bet from all over the world and participate in global events. For those interested in placing bets, here are some sportsbooks that allow for eSports wagers.


A new sportsbook that has already made waves, Sportsbet.io is a great place to get started for eSports betting. It only launched this year, but the site has already impressed people with its smooth service and its offerings. It currently only offers odds for CS:GO, Dota 2, and League of Legends, but these are great games to start with for eSports betting.


Another good starter site for those who want to get into eSports betting is Cloudbet. With in-play and pre-match betting available, this Bitcoin sportsbook delivers on giving the bettor a lot of options, although it mainly focuses on more conventional sports.  It only offers four eSports betting options. These are CS:GO, Dota 2, Hearthstone, and Overwatch.

Nitrogen Sports

For players who want to wade into the eSports betting world deeper, there is Nitrogen Sports. This is a primarily Bitcoin site so it should be easy to start wagering. Players can even start betting the moment they drop by since the site gives potential bettors an account automatically. All that they need to start is to get a Bitcoin address.

As for eSports offerings, the sportsbook has quite a few of them. First, it has both popular CounterStrike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) and StarCraft 2 up for wagers. It also has two multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBA): League of Legends and Dota 2. Its biggest draws are the Hearthstone and Overwatch games.


BetEast.eu is a better-known name in sports betting circles. It welcomes sports betting of all types and has added eSports betting to its roster. Players will get to experience a similar mix of games to Nitrogen Sports. This includes the popular Hearthstone for card games, MOBAs represented by Vainglory, League of Legends and Dota 2, first-person shooter lovers will like Overwatch and CS:GO, and StarCraft 2 rounds out the betting options.

Betcoin Sports

For those who are looking for Bitcoin and Litecoin eSports betting, Betcoin Sports is ready to accommodate the need. It has much the same betting options as BetEast: Hearthstone, League of Legends, Dota 2, Overwatch, CS:GO, StarCraft, and Vainglory. The main difference is that the site also offers other sections like a casino and poker room. For those who want to wait for their game results, this site should give them something to do while they wait.