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Catch NA LCS Spring Split 2018 in Bitcoin Sportsbooks

Date Posted: January 26, 2018

NA LCS Spring Split 2018 is in full swing with the first pre-game weekend finished. This year’s LCS Spring Split has a new schedule and there are several ways to catch a live match. Many Bitcoin sportsbooks such as William Hill and Bet365 offer betting markets for the event.

League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) has 10 teams competing for this season who are set in a permanent partnership structure. Team Solomid returns with its seasoned veterans. 100 Thieves, on the other hand, bring in some fresh faces with potential.

Which Teams are in NA LCS Spring Split?

10 Teams in NA LCS Spring Split 2018About 10 teams are competing in the LCS Spring Split 2018: Team SoloMid (TSM), Cloud9 (C9), Team Liquid (TL), 100 Thieves (100), FlyQuest (FLY), Golden Guardians (GGS), Counter Logic Gaming (CLG), Optic Gaming (OPT), Echo Fox (FOX), and Clutch Gaming (CG).

Team SoloMid is likely to be the favored team this year among Bitcoin sportsbooks. They are a six-time titleholder in the North American region and are the only one to keep appearing in the NA LCS finals. This year’s roster makes the team stronger than before with the addition of three new talents.

One interesting wild card in the mix is 100 Thieves. The team is the product of Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag’s and the resources of NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers. 100 Thieves is made of players who have the potential to be the best in their roles. This includes former Immortals player, Cody Sun, who is a great bot lanes in China.

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How LCS Spring Split is Different This Year

After going through many feedbacks from audiences and pro players, LCS has made some significant changes with its regular season in 2018. This includes the change to best of 1s (Bo1) matches from its best of 3s (Bo3).

The change to (Bo3) in 2016 comes from the assumption that the format will result in a better experience for LOL esport fans. While the format was welcomed at the start, the LCS team saw a decrease in viewers during the live matches throughout the previous series. According to their data, almost half of their viewers find it difficult to find time in watching one entire Bo3 match.

The switch to Bo1 instead of another format comes from the feedback of LOL esports viewers. Based on the LCS data, this format makes watching an entire match easier. This also encourages new viewers to watch a match between a team they are not familiar with.

To increase viewership, LCS sets its games on weekends instead of Fridays. NA matches also start at 2 p.m. PT during weekends to allow American bettors to catch the EU LCS matches.

NA LCS matches are live on YouTube, Twitch, and Lolesports. Twitch viewers can find a live stream of LCS via Riot Games Twitch channel. Pre-game coverage starts at 1:30 pm every weekend.

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