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Champions League Finals: More Betting Options with Bitcoin

Date Posted: May 12, 2017

The UEFA Champions League match between Real Madrid and Juventus is about to come to a head. A sportsbook that offers Champions League Bitcoin odds can make the upcoming match a memorable one.

Bitcoin sportsbook such as Sportsbet.io, Nitrogen Sports, Powerbet, and Anonibet have different kinds sports bets and features. One example is the live bets feature that lets bettors place a wager during the middle of a match. Here are more ways players can maximize the betting options in Champions League finals.

Live betting

As mentioned above, live betting is where wagers are possible while the match is happening. The feature gives bettors more options to wager even after once they have placed their pre-match bets. Live betting also opens the possibility for new odds to appear.

For example, Betcoin.ag has Juventus at 2.95 odds and Real Madrid at 2.59 odds as of this time in writing. In the middle of the finals, Real finds a hole in Juventus defense and exploits it. This can drastically change the odds where Juventus will now have 5.40 and Real Madrid 1.79. Bettors can make a safe bet with Real at this point in the match. They can also back Juventus at this time if they think the team will do a comeback before the end of the match.

Live Stream

Just about any Bitcoin sportsbook wants all bettors to stay updated with the game as much as possible. This is why many are offering to stream a live feed of the match through the website.

A live stream of the Champions League may not be a big deal for some bettors. However, there are some who may not have access to cable TV. Others might be on a mobile device and are keeping watch of the odds in the live bet section of a sportsbook. Live streams ensure that bettors keep up with the action in the same place where they make their wagers.

Prop Bet

The regular bets that bettors can find in a sportsbook includes the winner of the match or the total score if it is going to be under or over. There are some who want something more to bet on instead of just picking whether the champion will be Real or Juventus. This is why certain sportsbooks offer prop bets for popular events such as the Champions League.

Props or side bets are wagers that are for certain occurrence or events that happen during the game. The most basic prop bet in any Champions League match is the clean sheet bet. This wager is where a player bets on a team that did not let its opponent score a single goal throughout the game. Another prop bet is to determine who will have the most goals within 10 minutes of the game.

Many prop bets usually have a low chance of winning as these are mostly for entertainment. It can be fun to bet whether Juventus or Real will actually get a clean sheet in the finals or not.