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Which Country Will Bag Most Medals in Winter Olympics 2018?

Date Posted: January 23, 2018

Bettors can now bet on which country will get the most number of medals in this year’s PyeongChang Winter Olympics. This prop bet is one of the popular options in online sportsbooks alongside the match odds for various sports in this global sporting event.

William Hill, Bet365, and BetMoose are just some of the Bitcoin sports betting sites and gambling portals that offer odds for Winter Olympics 2018. Punters looking to score returns from predicting the country with the most medals, gold medals, and more should begin placing their bets now.

Top of the Medal Table Market

When it comes to the country that will top the medal tally of this year’s Winter Olympics, William Hill favors Norway, followed by Germany. The sportsbook sets Norway with odds of 2.60 while Germany gets 2.62.

Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals for PyeongChang Winter Olympics

The online sportsbook puts Norway on top because of the country’s seasoned teams and athletes for snowboarding, cross-country skiing, biathlon, and alpine skiing. In fact, one of the contenders for the alpine skiing event is Kjetil Jansrud who won the Super-G gold medal in Sochi 2014 as well as a bronze medal in the downhill event. Jansrud is currently favored to win by William Hill in the next Super G with odds of 4.00.

Another favored athlete from Norway is Johannes Høsflot Klæbol who will compete in the Cross Country Men Sprint Classic. He is the favored athlete to win the event with strong 1.36 odds from NetBet. The only one close to his odds is Sergey Ustiugov with 4.80.

Meanwhile, Germany’s odds come from their strong contenders for the Biathlon and Luge events. The nation has the likes of Laura Dahlmeier who has five gold medals which she won in Hochfilzen 2017 alone in five disciplines. Dahlmeier also won two gold medals in Oslo 2016 and Kontiolahti 2015. NetBet has her as a very close favored bet on NetBet with 4.90 odds for the 7.5 km Sprint. Anastasiya Kuzmina from Russia, on the other hand, is the favored athlete with 4.80 odds.

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Alternative Betting Markets

Punters who think the odds for Norway is not enough in most sportsbooks can consider online prediction markets. One example is BetMoose which accepts Bitcoin.

Online prediction markets work differently from a sportsbook. A betting market is set by any punter and not by a bookmaker. The payout is based on the amount wagered by other punters. This makes it possible for Norway punters to get a better payout. But this will work if there are more punters from Germany, USA, or Australia betting on their nation’s teams.

Prediction sites are not just a place to find medal markets for the Winter Olympics. Any punter can create any type of futures contract wager on this site. This can be as simple as an outright market for any of the sporting event throughout the Olympics. Another easy bet on BetMoose is whether Shaun White can take home the gold despite going through a nasty crash in New Zealand last year.

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