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Cyborg Dominates Betting Odds for UFC 222 Main Event

Date Posted: March 2, 2018

Cris ‘Cyborg’ Santos is set to defend her UFC women’s featherweight championship title at the UFC 222 main event against Yana Kunitskaya. The UFC event will be at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on Mar. 3.

Bookmakers heavily favor the UFC featherweight champion over the Invicta bantamweight champion. Will Cyborg’s devastating strength dominate Kunitskaya or will the Invicta champion run circles around the UFC champion on Saturday?

Cyborg’s Statistical Advantage

The main event looks to be a one-sided match. William Hill gives Cyborg 1.07 odds to win while Kunitskaya gets 8.00. BetOnline.ag is generous on Kunitskaya’s bettors with 10.50 odds while it gives Santos 1.06.

Cyborg Dominates Betting Odds for UFC 222 Main Event Additional Image #1The jab is Cyborg’s key offensive. She uses it to tempt her opponent to fire a power attack. When they do, Cyborg counters their attack with devastating blows that can end a fight.

As a powerful striker, Cyborg is at her deadliest when she is at her feet. The Muay Thai-machine can unleash a wave of punishing kicks and punches from mid-range. Cyborg’s aggressive pace can catch her opponent off guard and deliver a wave of punishment. This has helped Cyborg finish nine of her matches in the first round.

The balance and core strength of her body makes it difficult for any opponent to take down Cyborg. This asset allows her to deliver powerful blows during clinch battles. Good core strength also helps her wrestling and takedown skills. On the ground, she unleashes a series of blows with KO power to her opponent instead of using the popular armbar move for the submission.

UFC 222 could be a short night for Cyborg if she could ground or clinch Kunitskaya early in the match. By closing the distance, Santos can efficiently deliver an onslaught of blows that can result in another first match TKO.

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Chances for Yana Kunitskaya’s Upset

While bookmakers see Kunitskaya as the match’s less impressive underdog, the Russian MMA fighter is not one to be underestimated. Like Cyborg, the challenger practice different martial arts throughout her life. Her training in Muay Thai and Taekwondo allows her to deliver deadly strikes.

The Invicta bantamweight champion’s strength comes from her ability to set the pace of the match and to deliver pressure to her opponents. This advantage allows her to set a safe distance between her and the opponent.

While outside of her opponent’s reach, Kunitskaya can deliver karate-style strikes and spinning strikes when an opportunity shows from her opponent. This ability to deliver an efficient punishment to her enemy’s mistake or weakness is due to her skill in mixing kick and punch attacks.

An upset can happen if Kunitskaya can hit Cyborg and run from her throughout the match. As another effective striker, the Invicta champ can take advantage of Santos’ willingness to rush an opponent. This trait often leaves Cyborg open to quick counters that Kunitskaya can deliver with her Muay-Thai skills.

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