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Dota 2 Tournaments: How to Make Bets Online

Date Posted: August 11, 2017

There are two Dota 2 esports wagering options that are available to anyone who wants to enjoy almost any of the major tournaments. The most common one is through a Bitcoin sportsbook that offers Dota 2 odds such as BetEast and Sportsbet.io.

Another way to make wagers on most of the tournaments is through the game itself by buying a battle pass. Winning wagers will reward players with battle points which allow them to earn unique in-game items.

Wagers on esports like Dota 2

Wagering at a sportsbook is for people who are looking to make money by backing their favorite esports team. This option follows the same concept as sports betting.

In one match, both teams are given numbered odds. These odds could be in decimal forms such as 2.10 or 1.90. There are also odds that are in fractional forms such as 11/10 or 9/10.

Odds can tell bettors two things: the chances of the team or a wager to win and the payout of their bet should they win it.

For decimal odds, lower numbers would mean that a team or bet is likely to win. Fractional odds are likely to win if the low number is higher or almost the same as the top number. In the example set above, odds of 1.90 and 9/10 are the ones that bookies set for favored teams or bets that have a good chance of winning.

To compute the payouts, bettors simply multiply their bets with the odds of their wagers. In decimal odds, the formula is (bet x odds) – bet = profit. If a bettor puts down $100 on a team with odds of 1.90, he earns $90 if the team wins. For fractional odds, the formula is stake x (odds) = profit. Betting $100 on a wager of 11/10 could give a profit of $110.

There are many kinds of wagers available in a Dota 2 match. This includes the team to win the match or the one to get the ‘First Blood’ achievement or to be the first to kill an opponent.

Battle Pass wagers

The other way to make wagers in Dota 2 tournaments is through a Battle Pass. A Battle Pass is for players who are looking to enhance their gameplay experience.

The International Compendium within the Battle Pass is where a player can make wagers during a major match or tournament. This is where anyone can bet on who will take the tournament title.

Winning a bet will reward a player with Battle Points which he can use to increase his Battle Pass levels. Players can also perform quests, make wagers, or do other activities to earn more Battle Points. Higher Battle Pass levels will reward players with in-game items such as character taunts, skins, announcer packs, and much more.