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EFL Cup: Odds Eye Showdown Between Man City & Chelsea

Date Posted: December 27, 2017

England EFL Cup or Carabao Cup is set for the upcoming semi-finals stage next month. Four teams will be playing for the coveted last two spot at the finals.

Bookmakers favor Manchester City to win their fifth title, but it will not be an easy win especially since odds see Chelsea to give its best to win the cup and get their sixth title.

Manchester City Gets Better Odds

Bet365 and William Hill give Manchester City the highest possible odds of 1.61 for the EFL Cup. This is due to the quality of players on City’s roster.

This team has the likes of David Silva who is considered as the club’s best player. Silva is beloved by his teammates and managers. He helps bring out the best in everyone while on the field. He provides his current and previous managers with some incredibly useful tactical tidbits. He has also helped Manchester City to win two Premier League titles, two League Cups, and one FA Cup.

Manchester City & Chelsea Expected to Reach EFL Cup FinalsBacking Silva is Sergio ‘Kun’ Aguero, City’s best striker forward. During his time with City, he has made 132 goals with over 194 appearances in total. This is a remarkable ratio per appearance for any footballer wherein he averages 28.16 goals. It is why he won the Premier League Golden Boot Award in 2014 and 2015.

With Manchester United out of the finals, there are barely any clubs that can match City’s roster. This is why the two sportsbooks are heavily favoring the club to win the cup this season.

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Chelsea and Arsenal Odds Settle for Runners-up

Bet365 is putting Chelsea as the second favored to win the match with 4.20. William Hill sets the team at 3.75. On another hand, Arsenal is the closest to the two with odds of 5.50 from Bet365 and 5.00 from William Hill.

Chelsea has done well with beating the stronger Manchester United in the quarterfinals, 1-0. The man responsible for the club’s win is Alvaro Morata who was revealed to have been offered to join United last summer. Chelsea also has Cesc Fabregas who made six goal attempts throughout the match. This is thanks to Morata and Hazard’s assist with Fabregas.

Antonio Conte’s men just might be the ticket to taking on Manchester City. Before they can take on the favored team, however, they need to win against Arsenal next month.

Arsenal also took a 1-0 win against West Ham in the quarterfinals. Danny Welbeck is responsible for the goal as he shot the ball at a close-range right before half-time.

Their victory, though, comes at the price of Olivier Giroud sustaining a hamstring injury. Given Arsenal’s low record performance throughout the EFL cup, it can be an uphill battle against Chelsea in the upcoming semi-finals next month. This explains why Arsenal settles for such odds in most Bitcoin sports betting sites online.

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