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Esports Betting Tips: Which Work & Which Don’t

Date Posted: August 9, 2017

There is an incredible amount of esports betting tips being passed around the net. Knowing which tips to use and which to avoid could be the difference between walking out of a Bitcoin sportsbook with a fat or an empty wallet.

Most of the useful tips that the bettor can use are based on spending time doing research on participating teams. Tips that do not work often involve going with the bettor’s gut feeling.

Esports tips to use

Look up previous achievements

Taking the time to research the teams that are playing in a tournament can go a long way. It is a good idea to check on a team’s past records from previous matches. Bettors can get this data from many Wiki websites for certain esports teams.

One good example is Team Liquid’s Liquipedia page which contains useful info on players and teams for certain esports games. Knowing the achievement of a specific team can help bettors get a good grasp on a team’s chances of winning a match or tournament.

Watch match replays

Bettors can also go beyond learning about a team by watching their previous matches on video sharing websites. Replays of a team’s match can show how well its players perform under pressure and against a specific esports team.

The info the bettor can get from the videos is helpful than just knowing how many wins a team has under their belt. Bettors can get a good grasp on whether a team is in control of the game or is struggling all the way until they win the match. One good way of using this info is when a team is playing against the same team it faced in a previous match. Bettors can use the video of previous matches to determine if a team is worth backing when it is against its previous opponents.

Esports tips to avoid

Always pick favored teams or players

Certain bettors might simply pick the ‘sure bets’ by backing the favored team in any match. The problem with this is the payout rate. Favored teams in most matches usually have odds of 1.40 or less which gives a very low payout should they win.

Backing a favored team is still a smart bet. A good way to find a good price in the market is to find a match where the favored team is playing against a team that has a slightly fair chance of winning. These matches often put the favored odds at around 2.00 or 2.40.

It also helps to do some line shopping by checking the odds of the favored team on various Bitcoin sports bettng sites like mBit Casino or BetOnline.ag. One sportsbook might offer a better price for a specific match.

Follow bettor’s guts

Another tip to avoid when placing any esports bet is to go with the gut feel. While many bettors who won their bet may say that they trusted their instincts, there are many others who lose their bets due to their instincts as well. It does not hurt to follow what a bettor’s gut says as long as he has done his homework on the teams.