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Ethereum-Based Sports Betting Platform BitGoals Uses Universal Token

Date Posted: December 18, 2018

Ethereum-based sports betting platform BitGoals aims to remove the problems bettors encounter in online sportsbooks like delayed payouts, limited betting amounts, and complicated registration procedures by creating its own decentralized system and universal token Sport Token Protocol (STP).

BitGoals’ STP token grants convenience to punters as it can be used on other betting sites that utilize the Ethereum-based platform. This also eliminates the bettor’s worry of needing to have multiple wallets and currencies when wagering on their favorite sports. Users can use STP when wagering on the platform’s other betting games like lotto as well.

Other than betting, STP can be used to buy live sporting event tickets, sports merchandise, or withdrawn into a different currency. The sports betting platform has already made partnerships with well-known companies in the sports industry such as EuroGoals, KingScorer, and Tarcha to make these functionalities possible with its token.

The beta version of the platform is currently available on the betting site PoolBit. As of this writing, users can place wagers on the Premier League and the Primera División using STP.

BitGoals was spearheaded by a team of iGaming industry veterans in 2017 with a goal of making the platform the “biggest sports community to ever exist.” Today, according to the sports betting platform’s roadmap, they aim to establish this label by the year 2020.