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How to Explore Volleyball Bitcoin Betting Markets

Date Posted: September 18, 2017

Volleyball is one of the sports that many consider as an alternative to more popular ones. There are a growing number of new bettors looking to get into the Bitcoin sportsbook volleyball market, though they may not be familiar with how the gambling site works.

New bettors simply need to understand the different markets and betting odds to make an educated wager. It also helps to know the strength and weaknesses of a team to make smart bets.

Betting market and odds

There are three basic betting options found in almost every sportsbook. The first is Match-winner or Moneyline market that has bettors wager on which team will win a specific game. This is often the market that most new bettors look for in a Bitcoin sportsbook.

The second most common betting market is Totals. This market is for wagering on the total points that both teams can achieve in a game. Bettors have a choice of betting that the game results in more or fewer points than the points that the bookmaker set.

Handicap markets are the third common wagers. This market is used in matches between a strongly favored team and a weak underdog. Handicap wagers increase the score requirement for a bet on a favored team to win. Even if a favored team wins a match, bettors can still win their underdog bets if the favored team could not get a score that is more than the set point for the handicap bet.

Every market has a set of numbers beside them called odds. This is a good way to know the chances of a bet to win and its payout rate. A good example to use is the outright market for the Women’s European Championship on Sept. 22.

According to William Hill, Serbia is the favored team because of its 3.25 odds while Georgia is the underdog for its odds of 3001.00. The lower the odds, the higher the chance for a team to win is but this will yield a lower payout. On the other hand, higher odds mean that the team has a low chance of winning but the bet will give a large payout.

Volleyball team research and smart wagers

It pays to check the performance of a team or specific member. Bettors can do this by going to a team or player’s record in two years’ worth of matches. There are Wiki pages dedicated to certain teams or organizations that offer any useful records if the team does win.

Researching on the previous performance of the teams for an upcoming match or event can give bettors a good grasp on their chances of winning. There is a chance that a bookmaker is undervaluing a strong team by giving them higher odds than their opponent. This type of smart wager allows a bettor to find bets with a better value.