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Federer & Nadal Likely To Reach ATP World Tour 2017 Finals

Date Posted: November 13, 2017

The list of qualified players for the upcoming ATP World Tour 2017 finals has been revealed. The world will witness who will reign this season as the finale kicks off on Nov. 12 at the O2 Stadium in London.

Unfortunately, Andy Murray, Stan Wawrinka, and Novak Djokovic did not make the cut for the Finals. With some of the star players sidelined this year, most Bitcoin sportsbook sites favor Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer to take home the title.

Another factor bettors should consider is that the World Tour Finals will split the qualified players into two groups of four. Group A will be named after Pete Sampras to honor his achievement in winning the tournament four times in his career. Group B will be named after Boris Becker who took home the title three times. If Nadal or Federer will play in separate groups, they may likely be playing in the semi-finals.

Federer overtakes Nadal in winning odds

Bookmakers place their spotlight on Roger Federer for the finals. Cloudbet sets him at 1.60 while Bet365 also puts him closer with 1.66. Nadal is the only one close to Federer with odds of 4.150 on Cloudbet and 4.33 on Bet365. It is important to note that both elite players had to miss out on the finals last year due to their injuries.

ATP World Tour 2017 Finals runs from Nov. 12 to 19

Those who follow the ATP World Tour will likely be less surprised to seeing Federer’s odds. He currently holds six titles for the event. This makes him break the world record of five titles that Ivan Lendl and Pete Sampras held. In fact, Federer has already beaten Sampras in terms of Grand Slam titles held where Roger has 19 while Pete only 14.

Meanwhile, coming up from behind is the King of Clay, Rafael Nadal. He earned this title for his amazing performance on clay courts.

Nadal recently became the No. 1 ranking player this week. He also has 16 Grand Slam titles which are two more than Pete Sampras’ record.

Unfortunately, Nadal suffers from knee and wrist injuries and medical practitioners still help him recover from the main event. Bookmakers have likely taken into account his injuries since there is a possibility this could hinder his performance during the finals.

Zverev gets better support from oddsmakers

Another contender to watch out for is Alexander Zverev. His odds are within the single digits where Cloudbet has him at 8.00 while Bet365 sets him at 8.5.

Zverev is showing to be a serious contender in the finals during this season. He has won five titles which include two Masters 1000s in Montreal and Rome. He is currently the No. 3 ranking player.

With Nadal’s injury looming over the player’s shoulder, Zverev may have a shot at beating Federer and take home the title. However, he will have to bring in his best game to take down the six-time titleholder.