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Find a Bitcoin Sportsbook Based on Betting Types

Date Posted: June 26, 2017

Fans of any sporting events will not have any problem when trying to find a Bitcoin sportsbook to make wagers on. Sportsbook such as Powerbet.io, Betcoin.ag, Coinbet24, and Nitrogen Sports offer an incredible amount of features.

These features include the ability to place a wager right in the middle of an event. Another is where bettors can combine more than one wager for a high payout.

Live betting

Live sports betting or in-play betting offers a dynamic way to make wagers during a match or event. This feature offers a new set of odds in a specific market. For example, a favored team has 1.90 odds and the underdog has 4.10 in the normal. If a crucial player of the favored team gets injured or gets benched during live betting, the chances of this team to win go down.

There is a chance that the bookies have yet to change the odds for the match when the favored team was removed. This allows a bettor to wager on the underdog while the price is still high. Thanks to live betting, he has a good chance of profiting from the match. Betcoin.ag and Coinbet 24 are Bitcoin sportsbooks that have this feature.

Parlay bets

Bettors who are confident of their teams or are looking for a high risk-high reward bet can consider parlay bets. Parlay or accumulator bets are the combination of two or more single wagers. This feature is one of the most popular wagers in a Bitcoin sportsbook. However, not every bettor will take this kind of bet.

Parlay bets have a high risk than normal wagers. This is due to the requirement of having all wagers under a parlay bet to win. If a single wager should lose, the bettor loses ever wager under the parlay. Because of its incredibly low odds of winning, parlay bets have a high payout than the total payout of each wager within the bet. PowerBet is a Bitcoin sportsbook that offers parlay bets. Bettors can find parlay bets under the sportsbook betting slip window.

Anonymous play

Some sports bettors are uncomfortable in making sports wagers because of how protective they are with their personal information. This also includes credit card or other payment details. It is understandable for many to be concerned about their private info since there are no 100% guarantee when it comes to their security.

Fortunately, a sportsbook that only accepts Bitcoin does not require any personal info from a bettor. These sites only need a working email address. Since it is possible to acquire Bitcoin without using a credit card, anyone can go to this site and enjoy betting on a favorite sports team while protecting their identity. Nitrogen Sports is a good example of this type of sportsbook.