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FirstBlood.io to Launch New 1v1 Solomid Game Mode

Date Posted: August 3, 2017

FirstBlood.io is adding a new 1v1 solomid mode to its platform. The new game mode offers a refreshing take on the match while keeping the normal gameplay intact.

New to the market, FirstBlood.io is an Ethereum-powered esports platform. It allows Dota 2 players to wager money on themselves or other competitors during competitive matches. This is similar to how esports Bitcoin betting works.

1v1 solomid mechanics

There are five heroes playing against five hero opponents in a normal Dota2 game mode. There are also three lanes that the heroes use to approach the opponent’s base.

In a 1v1 solomid match, there is only one hero vs one hero opponent. Only the middle lane is open in the game as well. Players can target towers in the upper or bottom lane. However, these are invulnerable during the solomid mode.

The limitations set in this mode provide a new approach for players to fighting their opponent. This forces the two opponents to meet in one lane.

With the focus on just one opponent, players will need to rethink the first items and equipment to buy as well as the build they have for their heroes. Since there are no team mates to help them, solomid is a race for having the most damage output.

The biggest draw of the new mode is its fast gameplay. With only one lane and two opponents, a single match could last for up to 20 minutes only. Regular Dota 2 matches usually last for more than an hour.

The 1v1 solomid mode is currently available on FirstBlood.io. The platform awards 10 ladder ranking points for each 1v1 victory. While a regular 5v5 win offers 25 points, the 1v1 matches offer more value to its points. With the average time it takes to finish a 1v1 solomid mode, players can potentially get 40 points or more in an hour which is how long a regular 5v5 usually takes.

Firstblood.io is offering incentives to players who are at the top of the ladder ranking each week. Top players can get various prizes such as gift cards, gaming accessories, and more.

What is Firstblood.io?

Firstblood.io is essentially an esports arena that is powered by the smart contract network behind the Ethereum altcoin. The platform provides an environment where competitive players can earn real money, in-game items, and much more by playing Dota 2. This is one of the only places where players can bet on esports games with actual money. Although, there are other Bitcoin sportsbooks that let a player bet on professional Dota 2 matches such as Arcanebet and mBit Casino.

The smart contract network of Ethereum will record and store each match on the blockchain. This makes it virtually impossible for any hackers to manipulate the result of the match and cheat someone out of their reward. Thanks to the smart contract network, the platform can easily track a Dota 2 match result and reward players with points or their wager payouts.