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Formula 1: Look Back At Season 2017’s Hits & Misses

Date Posted: December 6, 2017

Formula 1 2017 season has closed with Bottas winning the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and Hamilton taking the Championship. Mercedes also finished as the top Constructor this season.

With the next Grand Prix that will signal the start of a new season still months away, this is a good opportunity to review this season’s hit and miss. There are many highlights this season, such as Bottas and Verstappen taking the pole position. Here are the key events in Formula 1 2017 season.

Hamilton Intensifies Rivalry with Vettel

Hamilton’s strongest trait is to stay calm no matter what. He displayed this in many instances this season. One of which is in the Brazilian GP when he collided with the barriers in the qualifying and had to take a pit lane start. He managed to take 4th place after overtaking several drivers. Hamilton then continues on next year with an eye for a fifth World Title.

Unfortunately, 2017 is not everyone’s year. This includes Sebastian Vettel. He experienced a series of unfortunate crashes in several races, including his crash with Hamilton during the Mexican GP.

There is a reason many Bitcoin sports betting sites give him high odds of winning. Vettel is still a competent driver to match Hamilton and his Ferrari can also match it up with the Mercedes. This is also why he still has the 2nd spot in the Drivers’ Championship.Top Drivers and Constructors in Formula 1 2017 Season

Bottas: Promising Mercedes Racer

Valtteri Bottas’ highest achievement in Formula 1 before joining Mercedes was finishing 4th in the Champions standing in 2014 while with Williams. He never once won any Grand Prix.

Things, however, started looking up when Bottas joined Mercedes. He got two podiums in the first three races and took the Russian GP title with just half a second ahead of Vettel.  His time came again in Austria where he took the title with less than a second ahead of Vettel again.

Bottas’ most amazing win was against Hamilton in Abu Dhabi. There is a tremendous pressure coming from the top driver of Formula 1. Bottas prevailed by getting ahead of Hamilton by almost four seconds as he crossed the finish line. The result of the Abu Dhabi GP can be an indication of a new rivalry between the two Mercedes drivers.

Verstappen catches bettors’ attention

Another star that has risen in 2017 is Max Verstappen of Red Bull. While he only managed one pole position throughout the majority of the season, his talent shone in Malaysia where he took the title from Lewis Hamilton with more than 12 seconds ahead of him. Hamilton paid the favor in the Japan GP by taking the title and keeping Verstappen from taking the lead throughout the race.

After Malaysia, many had their eyes on the young Red Bull racer. There is a potential in his skills. With Aston Martin teaming with Red Bull, Verstappen might get a powerful machine that can stand up to Mercedes.