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Formula 1 Race Continues in Canadian Grand Prix 2017

Date Posted: June 7, 2017

The Formula 1 racers are coming back to Canada for the Canadian Grand Prix 2017. Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton are taking the high odds from many Bitcoin sportsbook venues.

The Circuit Gilles Villeneuve is mostly about high speed due to the many straight parts of the track. This track will require accuracy to get the most traction out low speed corners.

Formula 1 racers odds

Anyone following the Formula 1 races so far will likely not be surprised to see bookies giving Vettel and Hamilton the highest possible odds. William Hill is giving Vettel 2.20 odds while Hamilton gets 2.37. Cloudbet has Vettel on 2.150 odds and Lewis 2.200 odds.

Vettel’s slightly better odds for the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve track might be coming from his three victories throughout this year’s Formula 1. Lewis Hamilton only has two victories this year under his belt.

Vettel is in top form to be the racer to look out for in this circuit. This can be seen from his last victory in Monaco last month. Even Hamilton dropped the ball in Monaco when he was eliminated from qualifying for the final race, only getting six points from the race. This puts Vettel at 129 points over Hamilton’s 104 points.

On the other hand, Hamilton is pumped at being back in one of his favorite circuits. After saying that the Monaco track was boring, Hamilton might let everything out when he returns to Canada.

Hamilton’s shortcomings are due to technical errors with his machine. When everyone is working right with his Mercedes, Hamilton is quite the threat to any Formula 1 races.

The only other racer who comes close to the top two racers as well as receives single digit odds is Valtteri Bottas. Cloudbet has him at 6.750 while Bet365 has him at 7.00.

Much like Hamilton and Vettel, Bottas has been racing since he was still a teenager. His driving skill and Mercedes makes him a shoe in for the 2nd or 3rd spot at the podium. Bottas also achieved his very first Grand Prix victory in Russia. Bottas’ driver standing is 75 points which place him at the 3rd spot. Should Vettel or Hamilton drop the ball in Montreal, Bottas is there to pick it up from behind the two.

Circuit Gilles Villenueve analyses

The Circuit at Montreal is a contrast to the one in Monaco. Monaco has narrow roads and tight corners. This makes it one of the slowest tracks in Formula 1.

Montreal track, on the other hand, has many long straights. This track also has some tight corners which can put a heavy strain on the breaks. Torque is going to be the key to winning this race. Mercedes are bringing in a new engine while Ferrari is adding a 30bhp upgrade to its engine for the upcoming race.