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Hamilton Favored to Win F1 Chinese Grand Prix

Date Posted: April 4, 2017

The Formula 1 Heineken Chinese Grand Prix takes place this weekend. The racing season continues on April 9 in the modern Shanghai International Circuit.

With Formula 1 expected to start off hot from last year’s season, several Bitcoin sportsbooks already offer competitive odds, and this includes the Chinese Grand Prix. Based on the odds, Lewis Hamilton is the favored racer to cross the finish line first. But sports betting sites see last year’s runner-up to face a tough match with Sebastian Vettel.

Formula 1 Bitcoin odds

If Bitcoin sportsbook odds are anything to go by, Lewis Hamilton is this race’s most favored to win. Directbet.eu has Lewis at 2.26 odds while Sportsbet.io has him at 1.90. Following close is Sebastian Vettel who has 2.5 odds to win at 1xBit. Bovada Sports positions Sebastian Vettel at +140 with Lewis Hamilton at +125.

Lewis Hamilton’s odds are not surprising. He is aiming at becoming the first four-time Formula 1 World Champion in Britain. This is not far off since Lewis got a hat trick where he won three Driver Championships before. He also has the second highest tally of winning races. The driver who holds the highest tally of wins is Schumacher.

Hamilton has a natural talent for driving. This talent was sharpening through years of racing in the country’s karting tournaments. McLaren’s financial support has given him the boost he needs to a top Formula 1 racer.

Hamilton’s domination for this circuit is in danger due to Sebastian Vettel. Vettel’s odds come from his victory against Hamilton in the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne toward the end of last month. Vettel had the highest amount of bets placed in the Melbourne race than Hamilton. Hamilton’s 2nd placement results in the previous race also saw a decrease of the odds of him to get the fourth championship title. These two contenders are sure to put on quite a show in Shanghai this weekend.

Shanghai International Circuit

Shanghai International Circuit is one of the latest modern tracks of the Formula One racing. The track helps to bring in new spectators from the Chinese community since its debut in 2004.

The circuit’s design is something to be noted. According to the creators of the track, Herman Tilke, and Peter Wahl, the two made the road to look like the Mandarin character for Shang. The character means ‘on top’ or ‘superior’. It is also one of the most common characters in the Mandarin language.

Shanghai International Circuit has a distance of 305.06 km. There are 16 turns that the drivers need to overcome. Drivers will encounter the hardest turn at the start of the lap. The first and second turns go from a long right curve to a long left curve on the third and fourth turn. The second hardest series of turns are the 11th and 12th turn which is a left-right chicane. Turn 13 is where drivers need to make a good exit this will lead to a very long straight in the circuit.

Hamilton, Vettel, and the rest need to prove their skills on this track this weekend as bettors indulge in motorsports Bitcoin betting.