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Hamilton Raced to Win 5th British Grand Prix

Date Posted: July 21, 2017

The Silverstone race ended with Hamilton getting his 5th British Grand Prix win. His victory on the track was a sharp answer back at the people who criticized him for being absent in the London F1 Live Event.

Bitcoin sportsbook venues were on the money when it was favoring Hamilton in the last Grand Prix. However, their second favored racer did not fare well on the Silverstone trace.

F1 Grand Prix odds

The two most favored racers in F1 were Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel. Cloudbet had Hamilton at 1.500 and Vettel at 2.550. The only one close to the two was Valtteri Bottas with 13.75. The three are consistent with their victories during the previous Grand Prix.

There were some hiccups between the top drivers in certain races. One of which is the Monaco race where Hamilton finished in 7th place due to a mechanical failure. In the case of the British Grand Prix, Vettel caught the hiccups when he experienced a problem with his tires. Vettel also placed 7th in the last race.

The performance of the top drivers in the last race has drastically changed their odds. The gap between Hamilton and Vettel grew wider for the Hungarian Grand Prix. Nitrogen Sports has Hamilton at 1.800 and Vettel at 4.330. On the other hand, the gap between Bottas and the two are close with odds of 6.500.

British Grand Prix win

Before the British Grand Prix, there was an F1 Live Event that took place in London. The event was intended to hype up the upcoming race. Almost every team was present in the event to give a street demonstration. However, Hamilton decided to skip the event. He was also the only one to miss out on the live event.

Hamilton defended his absence by stating the race has been intense and he needed to be ready for the upcoming main event. He felt the live event was not as important as the grand prix itself. His absence drew many criticisms.

Lewis Hamilton said:

“I am solely focused on this weekend. I feel great being here. I feel the best prepared I can be. That is all I can say really.”

The victory in the British Grand Prix was a good answer to his critics. Taking the time off from the track

Hamilton also hinted at an early retirement after his victory, saying:

“I don’t know what is going to happen. I love driving and you could say it’s unlikely [I would retire], but you can’t say what frame of mind I will be in at Christmas. Hopefully, it will be really good. Even getting another championship, it won’t be a case of hanging up my gloves. I will always want to get more.”