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Hamilton & Vettel Will Dominate Spanish Grand Prix 2017

Date Posted: May 9, 2017

Formula 1 continues this weekend in Circuit De Barcelona – Catalunya in Spain. The Spanish Grand Prix 2017 happens this weekend, with the main race on May 14.

According to many Bitcoin sportsbook, Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel odds are just the same, while Valtteri Bottas is the only racer that is close to the two best racers. Vettel finished first in Bahrain and Australia while Hamilton has China under his belt.

Spanish Grand Prix 2017 odds

BetEast predicts a close race between Vettel and Hamilton and therefore giving them equal odds at 2.55. Bovada shares the same opinion as the Bitcoin sportsbook locked the two early championship contenders +150.

The two rivals have a history of winning the circuit in the past. Vettel was the first to get the top place in 2012 and 2013. Hamilton, on the other hand, was the victor in 2014 and 2015.

This year’s Spanish Grand Prix is going to be at a fever pitch between the two. It is a race on who will be the first to achieve a hat-trick in the Circuit De Barcelona-Catalunya.

Many Bitcoin sportsbooks are drawing on the two’s history with the circuit to come up with the odds for both of them. DirectBet has the two for 2.34 odds while Bet365 is giving the rivals 2.50. Even though Vettel took second place and Hamilton took fourth in the Russian Grand Prix last month, bookies are predicting that the two will dominate this circuit.

It is important to note that one of the reasons Hamilton was 36 second behind Bottas was due to a technical error with Hamilton’s machine. It was also due to how Hamilton could not negotiate the track in the previous race. This led to his machine overheating in the race.

Spanish Grand Prix 2017 will be a different beast for Hamilton. His familiarity with the track will allow him to put his machine in a position that will give its optimum performance.

Botta’s victory in the Russian circuit did draw attention to many bookies.  BetEast is giving him 4.30 while DirectBet has him at 4.8. While Hamilton has top driving skills behind a Mercedes, Bottas could still get in a second place for this race.

Circuit De Barcelona-Catalunya

Even if the winners of the Spanish circuit know the track by heart, it will still be quite a challenge for everyone. After all, the Barcelona has a good variation of corners for high and low speeds.

The abrasive road and the heavy winds of the circuit can rapidly wear down the tires. This will be a challenge for the mechanics that are looking to optimize a driver’s vehicle for the tracks.

One of the notable attack points in this circuit is the first turn. This part of the circuit provides an opportunity for a driver to overtake his opponent. For many veterans, the most important attack point is the last two turns which many are calling the New Holland. Drivers will need to perform a fast exit in this corner in order to get the best timing to enter the first turn.