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Interesting Facts About Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics

Date Posted: January 28, 2020

Anticipation for the 2020 Olympics has built ever since the world knew Japan would be the next Summer Games host. During the first voting round at the 2013 IOC session, Tokyo received 42 votes, the highest garnered by a city among all the other bidders looking to get the nod of 94 voters. The votes were not enough, though, for an outright win as a majority vote was needed, so another round of voting pushed through. This time, Tokyo got a total of 60 votes, beating the other contenders Istanbul and Madrid.

On July 24, Tokyo 2020 will kick off with a promise of grandeur and much more. You’re excited about the event, but how much do you know about the upcoming Summer Games? Here are some interesting facts that may just leave you wide-eyed:

Second Summer Olympics

This is supposedly Japan’s third time to host the Summer Olympic Games. The first one should have been in 1940, but because of the war between China and Japan, the games were moved to Helsinki, only to be canceled because of World War II.

The official first Summer Games held in Tokyo were in 1964. And starting July 24, 2020, Tokyo will be on the short list of cities that have already hosted the Olympics twice, joining Los Angeles, Athens, Paris, and Stockholm.

5 New sports, 15 New Events

Baseball/softball, sport climbing, skateboarding, karate, and surfing – these are the five new sports added to the Tokyo 2020. Also, a total of 15 new events are added to enrich the existing sports. These events include the mixed-gender competitions in various sports.

Green Olympic Medals

To involve the Japanese community more in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Japan devised a program 2017 that has since been encouraging the citizens to donate their old mobile devices that would be recycled to create the Olympic medals. Precious metals would be extracted from the parts of the phones to craft more or less 5,000 bronze, silver, and gold medals.

Robots Here and There

Japan is known for its top-notch technological advancements, especially its robotics industry. Not surprisingly, robots will be all over the Olympic Games 2020 to welcome the delegates and even shake hands with and wave at them.

There will also be humanoid inventions that will be stationed at remote locations to update those who are around on games happening in other venues. Of course, robots for field support will be ready to assist during some events at the stadium. So don’t be surprised if during one of the games you see a wheeled self-navigating machine retrieving shot put balls and javelins.

Hi-Tech Tokyo 2020 Experience

Apart from the robots that will be released specifically for the 2020 Olympics, Japan will be deploying other innovations that will give the guests a high-tech Tokyo 2020 experience. Thousands of drones will be flown for surveillance purposes, thereby reducing the security personnel’s workload. Microbuses will hit the road to transport visitors and athletes around Olympic Village.

In addition, about 5,000 microsatellites will be set up at the opening ceremony to provide a colorful light show. Robo-taxis and self-navigating buses will be available for hailing using a special mobile app. A language translation app that works in real-time and translates 31 languages will be launched to aid visitors around Japan.

No Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt

That’s right, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games will be the beginning of the post-Michael Phelps and post-Usain Bolt era. These two Olympic legends have already expressed their decision to retire from their respective sports or at least from their Olympic careers.

The next two Olympics, 2024 and 2028, will be held in Paris and Los Angeles, respectively. It will be both cities’ third time to host the Summer Games. This means they will soon be joining London on the list of cities that have already hosted the Olympic Games thrice.