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Last Two Semifinal Spots in Champions League Up for Grabs

Date Posted: April 19, 2017

The Champions League quarterfinals continue on April 20, where only the remaining four teams will be competing for the last two spots in the semifinal round.

The two matches will determine which team between Barcelona and Juventus, as well as between Monaco and Borussia Dortmund will be a few steps closer to the championship. Avid Bitcoin sports bettors can join the action in online sportsbooks offering competitive odds for football Bitcoin betting for the Champions League quarterfinals.

Barcelona vs Juventus

Bitcoin sportsbooks give Barcelona the best odds on the 20th. BetEast.eu has 1.53 odds on Barcelona while Juventus has 5.95. Cloudbet has a similar set of odds for the two where Barcelona is 1.530 and Juventus are 5.960.

Many have doubts that Barcelona was not going to make it to the quarter finals since the team did not have most of the best players at the start of the season. The retirement of Luis Enrique also led many to think that the team’s glory days are well behind it. Barcelona even had outright odds of more than 40 among sportsbook sites.

Things quickly changed when Barcelona got a massive comeback win against PSG on Saturday. The team’s key player led the squad to a 4-0 deficit against PSG thanks to Messi and Alcacer.

Juventus odds might have come from everyone’s anticipation that this match will be a repeat of the 2015 Championship League finals match where Barcelona took the win. However, this year’s Juventus is not like the 2015 team that Barcelona fought against.

Juventus will have some of the best players on the 20th. This includes Dybala and Pjanic. The team has solid defensive stats that can match up against Barcelona’s best. If Barcelona does not patch up any kinks in its armor, Juventus might have a shot at the finals.

Monaco vs Dortmund

In this match, Borussia Dortmund is the favored team. However, the odd’s gap between the two is just a hair’s width. Bet365 is putting 2.30 on Dortmund and 2.87 on Monaco, while William Hill has Dortmund on 2.15 while Monaco is 2.90.

The two teams will be missing some of its key players on their last quarter-final match. Dortmund’s Marc Bartra is still on the bench due to his injuries due to the bus bombing incident. Monaco is missing Sidibe who did not participate in the first leg of the season and is still not playing. Fabinho, Monaco’s midfielder is also unavailable due to his suspension.

Despite Dortmund being the favored team of the match, Monaco has a good chance of reaching the finals than its opponent. Monaco won 3-2 against Dortmund during the first leg. The bombing incident might also have some effect on the performance of Dortmund’s team. On the other hand, the free scoring performance of two throughout the season makes it hard to predict which team will win.