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Live Sports Betting Makes Wagering More Dynamic

Date Posted: April 21, 2017

In-play or live sports betting is where bettors can place bets on a match taking place in real-time. This feature offers a dynamic way of placing bets as compared to pre-match betting.

Online bettors can find live sports betting in major sportsbooks that accept the digital currency. NetBet and William Hill are two good examples of Bitcoin sports betting sites that offer this kind of wager.

Live betting provides bettors with another way to join the action and excitement of their favorite sports and teams. Unlike in pre-match betting, bettors can place their bets in the middle of a match and gain more control over their chances of scoring payouts.

Live betting features dynamic odds

This betting option also stands out due to the dynamic odds available to bettors. It is not uncommon for a Bitcoin sportsbook odd to keep changing. In fact, odds can go up or down as a match is about to take place. However, the odds for a live bet can change dramatically should something happen during the game.

For example, there is an ongoing match between Team A with odds of 1.80 and Team B with odds of 3.00. Team A at the start is the clear favored team. In the middle of the match, the two star players of Team A could not continue. This incident would bring down the performance of Team A which puts it in a disadvantage position against Team B. The odds at this part of the match will change to Team A having 2.20 while Team B having 2.70.

Because of such incident, bettors see an opportunity with Team B even though it is still the underdog of the game. Sportsbooks usually have experts to watch the events and make changes to the odds if needed. However, some experts may not have enough time to make sure the odds accurately represent the situation.

Bettors make the most out of a live bet because this offers them more information on who is likely to win the match. Live bets provide bettors with a good advantage in making an educated guess on which team to support during the match.

In-play betting adds more advantages

There is a limit to what traditional sports bet can offer to bettors. One example is the ‘first player to score’ market in a normal bet. Every market in a traditional sports bet closes when the game starts.

However, live or in-play bets provide a constant stream of new kinds of bets throughout the game. Markets such as the ‘team to get the next score’ bet. When either Team A or Team B scores in the game, another market opens up to allow players to make another wager. These extra markets can make ongoing match more exciting for many bettors.

Moreover, UK Gambling Commission approves of live sports betting, saying that operators and bettors should be responsible of controlling the risks, instead.