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Major Football Tournaments Covered by Bitcoin Odds

Date Posted: June 23, 2017

There is nothing more enjoyable to major football tournaments than to back a favorite team in a Bitcoin sportsbook. Websites such as William Hill and Bet365 make it convenient for bettors to make a wager as well as cash out all winnings.

The two sportsbook covers many major football events that occur throughout Europe. This includes the popular FIFA Cup.

FIFA World Cup

The Federation of Association Football is an international competition that is held once every four years. The FIFA World Cup tournament has 32 qualified teams competing within the country that is designated to host the tournament. This tournament lasts for about a month.

Before the World Cup, more than a hundred teams will compete against each other across the globe for the coveted 31 spots. This is the qualifying phase of the World Cup which lasts for three years.

FIFA is the most viewed sporting event around the globe due to the popularity of football and football Bitcoin betting. In the FIFA World Cup 2006 event, there were more than 26 billion viewers of the tournament while more than 700 million were watching the finals. The audience count in most World Cup is notably higher than that of the Olympic events.

UEFA European Championship and Champions League

The two major tournaments between the teams within Europe are the second and third highest viewed football event. The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) consists of 55 members in European countries such as Germany and Wales.

The most watched and prestigious event of the two UEFA tournaments is the Champions League. Most Champions League could easily dominate the Super Bowl tournament in America due to a number of international viewers watching the league. The reason for this is the teams that are competing against the Champions League.

Only the top ranking teams or those that qualify for the Champions League can compete in this tournament. In other words, the Champions League is where fans will see only the best players. What’s more, UEFA Champions League winners will get a spot at the coveted FIFA World Cup.

Those who could not qualify for the league or are ranked between the third and sixth positions will compete in the Europa League. Basically, the Europa League is the competition for the second-best teams. Despite this, this tournament is still the third most watched football tournament due to the competitiveness of its teams.

To determine if a team qualifies for either the Champions League or the Europa League, a complex mathematical formula for a team’s coefficient. The formula factors in the performance of each team during every recent UEFA matches and tournaments. This includes each team’s finishing order in it’s the domestic league of its country. Each team is ranked with the coefficient that is given to them.