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Mayweather Gets Bookies’ Approval Over McGregor

Date Posted: August 25, 2017

The Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Conor McGregor fight is about to explode on Aug. 26. The battle between a veteran boxer and UFC fighter will take place in the T-Mobile Arena.

Bitcoin sportsbook sites are leaning toward Mayweather for this fight. In terms of experience and talent, Mayweather has the upper hand over McGregor.

Fighter’s odds

Mayweather is set at 1.25 at William Hill while Betcoin.ag is giving him 1.29. On the other side of the coin, McGregor gets 4.18 from Sportsbet.io and 3.60 at Betcoin.ag.

To anyone who is familiar with the pro boxer and UFC veteran, the upcoming fight will be a mismatch between the two. McGregor will be fighting on Mayweather’s terms through boxing rules. In the boxing ring, McGregor will have the least amount of arsenal to throw at Mayweather since knees and elbows are out of the question.

What’s more, this fight will also be McGregor’s debut in the pro boxing ring. The Saturday fight will essentially be between a rookie and a veteran boxer. Mayweather might easily go for a decision this Saturday.

Despite the discrepancy in talent between the two, the odds gap between the two is quite short. This is due to the bets placed on McGregor to get a KO or DQ win against Mayweather. Many are buying in to McGregor’s Puncher’s Chance that could get Mayweather down on the canvas.

It is important to note that Mayweather has also faced other fighters with heavy punches. His defense has left him unbeatable in the professional ring throughout his career.  McGregor will also be wearing 8oz gloves instead of the light weight straps that he usually wears in his UFC matches. If heavy hitters like Pacquiao could not get a KO win out of Mayweather, what more can someone like McGregor who is still getting the hang of fighting in a pro boxing ring?

Prop bets and betting tips

William Hill is putting some interesting prop bets for Saturday’s Mayweather vs McGregor fight. Anyone who is backing Mayweather should consider these bets instead of the outright market because of its price. One such market to consider is Mayweather getting a decision or technical win from William Hill which has 3.50 odds of happening. Betcoin Sports has a similar bet with 3.00 odds.

There is a prop bet of Mayweather winning by knockout or TKO with odds of 1.73 on William Hill and 1.87 on Betcoin.ag. However, Mayweather is not known to win by this method. The odds given for this bet could be due to the discrepancy in skills. Given its price and Mayweather’s aim at getting points, this is not one of the recommended wagers to take.

William Hill is holding a promotion in providing a better price for the Saturday bout. The Sportsbook will ensure that punters will match the best price in the market via Oddschecker.