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Medal Count Predictions for 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Date Posted: February 7, 2020

For the second time in history, Tokyo is hosting the Summer Olympic Games. The event will start on July 24th and conclude on August 4th, 2020.

As early as the last quarter of 2019, several sportsbooks already opened betting lines for the upcoming Olympics, most especially for the number of medals the participating nations are expected to win.

The USA to Dominate

Based on the odds set by some oddsmakers, the USA is set to once again take home the most number of medals from the Summer Games. This prediction comes as no surprise, considering that in the last two Olympiads, the American Olympic team won more medals than any other delegation.

In addition, the USA has held the record of being the winner of the highest number of medals in the entire Summer Olympic history. From 1896 to present, American athletes have bagged 2,522 ‘medals in total, 1,022 of which are gold. If books’ predictions are right, the USA will be adding to its over 100 medals expected to be won by the team this year.

Host-Nation Advantage

Data shows that there is always a significant increase in wins among countries hosting the Olympic Games. A case in point is China which won the most number of medals in 2012 when the Summer Olympics were held in Beijing.

Japan, having won a total of 41 medals in Rio four years ago, is deemed to rack up more or less 60 medals this year, according to sportsbooks. Playing at home courts may serve the Japanese athletes well, not to mention morale-boosting through crowd cheers is psychologically proven to work. Plus, the addition of karate, which is Japanese in origin, to the list of Olympic Games this year puts Japan steps forward.

Four-Year Ban

Following World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) four-year ban of Russia from international sporting competitions, the Russian Olympic team may not do as well as they did before in the winning of medals. Some Russian athletes may have already been qualified in a number of Tokyo 2020 events, but it is feared they will all be playing not carrying the Russian flag as they will be neutral athletes.

In Rio back in 2016, Russia won a total of 56 medals, ranking fourth on the concluding medal tally. Oddsmakers expect this number to decline, especially that the WADA ban still stands, unless Russia wins the appeal they filed to have the ban lifted.

Other Strong Delegations

Consistent medal chart-toppers Australia, Britain, and Germany are predicted to win over 30 medals too. Their performances in the previous Olympics show so much promise that bookies expect them to beat the medal count record they set for themselves in the past Summer Games.

The Netherlands, France, and Italy join the countries mentioned above to complete the list of the top 10 countries predicted to take home the highest number of medals from Tokyo 2020.

All athletes to be awarded a bronze, silver, or gold, have more reasons to celebrate as the Tokyo 2020 medals are believed to be the greenest medals ever in the history of Olympics. The medals were made mainly from old phones donated by the Japanese people themselves.

A campaign was started in 2017, encouraging the Japanese to just give their unwanted phones for recycling. Parts of the collected mobile devices were key to the crafting of more than 5,000 medals that will be off for giving at the Tokyo 2020 awarding ceremonies.