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A Mexico Win Will Solidify Hamilton’s Lead This Season

Date Posted: October 25, 2017

Lewis Hamilton took another win this season in the US Grand Prix, giving him a bigger margin from Sebastian Vettel in the Drivers standings. This makes a fourth World Championship title closer to a reality for the Mercedes champion if he finishes first in Mexico.

It is no surprise that Bitcoin sportsbook sites still favor Hamilton to win the Mexican Grand Prix 2017 this weekend. Vettel gets the second highest odds but has to settle with numbers lower than the odds he got for the US Grand Prix.

Hamilton still leads the numbers game

William Hill sets Hamilton at 1.83 while Vettel gets 3.75 for the next Grand Prix. Sportsbet.io, on the other hand, gives lower odds for the British racer with 1.70 odds to win in Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez and Vettel with 3.30.

Many were surprised by Vettel when he took the lead at the start of the race in Texas last week. The US Grand Prix could have seen Vettel and Hamilton switch place on the podium if the German kept his pace. It may have seemed that Vettel’s luck finally reached a turn for the better. However, the US title is not in the cards for Vettel as Hamilton snatched the lead during the seventh lap.

Hamilton’s victory in the US Grand Prix puts him even further ahead of everyone else in the Drivers standing with a score of 331 points. Vettel’s second place win barely closed the gap between him and Hamilton as he settled with 265 points after the US race. Hamilton only needs to finish fifth in the next Grand Prix to secure his fourth World Championship title.

Bookmakers are banking on Hamilton’s previous record in past Mexico Grand Prix races. He took the title last year against Nico Rosberg and he even got to the podium in 2015 with Rosberg just barely two seconds away from Hamilton.

Will Ferrari rule the Mexican track over Mercedes and Red Bull?

Red Bull’s Verstappen may come close

Bettors should also keep an eye on Verstappen than Bottas in Bitcoin sports betting sites. William Hill sets Verstappen at 6.50 while Sportsbet.io gives 5.25 to win the Mexico GP. In comparison, Bottas is at 13.00 on William Hill and 11.50 on Sportsbet.io.

Verstappen once again showed off his driving skills in the previous Grand Prix. He started out 16th because of grid-place penalties. In the end, he managed to end in third place against Raikkonen.

It should have been another podium win for both Verstappen and Red Bull Racing. However, stewards gave him a five-second time penalty. This was enough to make Raikkonen get to the podium instead.

Christian Horner, president of Red Bull Racing, said:

“For me it was hard, fair racing. That’s bad judgement from the stewards to have made that call. [Max] did it the hard way – we’ve seen cars off track all day today, all weekend. To penalise him at this stage, that’s not right.”

Despite finishing fourth, the Belgian racer still impresses the sportsbooks which peg Verstappen as the dark horse, especially if Hamilton and Vettel drop the ball on the Mexican track.