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Moira: New Overwatch Character Is Black-Ops Support

Date Posted: November 8, 2017

BlizzCon 2017 has just announced a new Overwatch character by the name of Moira. She is a support character who can provide her teammates with much-needed healing abilities while dealing significant damage to her enemies.

With her inclusion to the game, Moira can add a new level of strategy to the Overwatch esports scene. The new character can also shake things up with esports team’s odds in most Bitcoin sportsbook sites like Arcanebet and William Hill.

What to expect from Moira’s abilities

  • Biotic Grasp (heal). Moira’s first ability is her Biotic Grasp which has two functions. The primary trigger shoots a short-range yellow burst that heals teammates. The range is shorter than Mercy’s ability and runs on a limited resource called Biotic Energy. But Moira is more efficient in healing characters than Mercy.
  • Biotic Grasp (Sap). Moira’s secondary trigger lets out a purple beam that damages opponents. The damage output is conservative. In the hands of a pro player, Moira can take out characters with low HP at a safe distance.
  • Biotic Orb. The Biotic Orb can increase Moira’s healing and sap abilities. Summoning a healing orb can restore nearby allies as well as Moira at the same time. A Sap Orb can damage enemies that it passes. The Biotic Orb has a bounce effect where players can shoot the orb in close quarter areas and damage enemies that are hiding in a corner. This makes the orb a good way to build points toward Moira’s Ultimate early in the game.
  • Coalescence. Moira’s ultimate ability is a long-range beam that mixes her healing and damaging capabilities. She can both damage enemies with the beam and heal allies with the same beam. Coalescence even has the ability to bypass barriers to effectively sap at her enemies. This ability allows a team to push through choke points in a match.
  • Fade. Moira’s Fade ability allows her to teleport a short distance at any direction. This movement ability is similar to Reaper’s teleport. Fade provides Moira with a good escape plan if she finds herself up against offense characters. Pro players can make full use of her Fade by moving to a flanking position and take out heavily damaged enemies.

Blizzard adds Moira to Overwatch

How to maximize Moira in the battle scene

One of the challenges that Moira pro players need to overcome is her mobility and range. Moira can be taken out easily if two or more characters were to target her. Although the option to teleport is at hand, players using Moira must wait for the six-second cooldown to finish before they can use her Fade ability.

Also, her DPS puts her in a support or supplementary role. She can soften targets up for an easy team kill with her Sap abilities.

To add, her Coalescence can make her a key factor to Escort or Control Maps. Moira can easily harass enemies who are picking out allies at control points or are pushing the payload. At the same time, her beam heals her allies that help them capture or move the object.