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Most Common Types of Sports Bets

Date Posted: May 29, 2019

Sports betting is broader than most beginners think. It takes many forms. It’s not limited to placing your bet on who you think will win between two teams or players in a match. Sometimes, it gets challenging when odds or point spreads get in the way.

So to make the most of sports betting, it helps when you know the various bet types you can choose from when placing bets on sporting events. Here are the most common betting types you should know:

Straight Bet

This is the most common type of wager placed by sports bettors, especially for basketball and football matches. You make a straight bet on either the favorite or the underdog set apart by the point spread. The point spread is the set number of points by which the favorite is expected to defeat the underdog.

In order for you to win on your bet on the favorite or the stronger team, the team has to win by more than the point spread against the underdog. And for you to win on your bet on the underdog or the weaker team, the expected team to lose has to win outright or lose by less than the point spread.


GSW – Golden State Warriors (favorite) vs TOR – Toronto Raptors (underdog)

Point spread: 9.00

You win on your GSW bet if GSW wins by 10 points or above against TOR.

You win on your TOR bet if TOR loses by 8 points or below to GSW or wins outright against GSW.



Money Line Bet

This betting type requires that you pick the team you think will win, with no point spread set. Since there is not any point spread considered, the risk may not always be well-distributed between the two teams.

In such case, the amount you will bet and win or lose will depend on the odds of winning set for the teams. It is necessary, then, that you look at the odds before making a wager. The higher the odds a team has, the less likely it will win as projected by the sportsbook.


GSW (125 odds) vs TOR (+130 odds)

If you bet on GSW and the team wins, you win. But your bet has to be $125 for you to win $100.

If you bet on TOR and the team wins, you win. Your $100 bet gives you a $130 win.

Total Line Bet

This is also called over/under bet. Here, you bet on whether the total combined final score of the two competing teams will be over or under the total line set by the sportsbook.



Total line: 225

If you bet over, you will win only if the total combined score of GSW and TOR goes above the set total line of 225.

If you bet under, you will win only if the total combined score of GSW and TOR goes below the set total line of 225.

Parlay Bet

A parlay involves a single wager on the results of not one but two or more matches. In this betting type, you bet on which teams from among the set of two or more matchups you chose will be the winners.

Your chosen teams should never be a loser in the given matches for you to win. In the event at least one team you bet on loses, your wager becomes automatically a losing bet.


Head-to-Head Bet

Simply put, head-to-head betting involves choosing between two participants in a sporting event or match. The sportsbook sets which athletes are put head-to-head. These matchups opened for head-to-head betting are usually pairs of players which have comparable abilities or athletes which are seen to be having equal chances of winning.

If you happen to place your bet on the one that ends up the winner or the one that ends up giving the better performance, your bet wins.


These are just some of the most common sports betting types offered by online bookmakers. They’re simple to understand and to try out, especially when the sport you are betting on is one that you know much. So, it’s still best to choose a sporting event or match or are familiar with before you make any type of bet.