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NBA Playoffs: Will Warriors Take the Championship?

Date Posted: May 5, 2017

Various Bitcoin sportsbooks have set its NBA Championship 2017 predictions. Most are seeing the Warriors taking home the cup this season.

According to most Bitcoin sports betting websites, the Cavs have a very good chance at the Eastern Conference. The Warriors, on the other hand, are the favored team in the Western Conference. Golden State also has better odds at winning the championship. Bettors should bet on NBA matches with Bitcoin for the playoffs.

Eastern conference

DirectBet’s outright winner of the Eastern Conference odds is leaning toward the Cavaliers with 1.28 odds. William Hill is also setting the Cavs with 1.30 odds for the Eastern Conference. The Celtics are the closest to the Cavs than the others with odds of 3.75.

These odds are not surprising since the Cavs mighty trio of Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving, and LeBron James are at the top of their game. As a matter of fact, just having LeBron in the team is enough to buck the team’s odds. Bookies are likely setting the odds based on the Cavs match with the Pacers. The Cavs took home a 3-0 against the pacers last month.

On the other hand, the Boston Celtics will not make life easier on any of the team, thanks to Isaiah Thomas. The Celtic’s star point guard is flexible enough to be a threat in different parts of the court. His score average is more than 23 points in each game and he is getting 45 percent of his shots. With Thomas’ lead, the team got four straight wins.

Western Conference

For the Western Conference, the Golden State Warriors takes a commanding 1.20 odds of winning at Bet365. William Hill is also giving the Warriors 1.17 odds to win the conference. The only teams that can get close to the Warrior’s odds are the Spurs, which has 6.50 at William Hill and 6.00 at Bet365.

The Warriors’s all-star cast is a threat to take seriously. The team has Steph Curry who is a two-time MVP reflects how the team won 73 regular games just last season. Adding Kevin Durant into the team simply makes the Warriors a juggernaut this season.

However, it is going to be an uphill battle for the Spurs with Tim Duncan out of the team this season. Filling Duncan’s shoes is Gasol who is not bringing the same performance level. On the other hand, veteran players Parker and Ginobili will likely be hungry enough to give it their all for a shot at just one more championship.

Championship winner

Directbet sees the Warriors to have 1.41 odds of winning championship this season while William Hill gives the team 1.44 odds. The Cavs are the closest to reach the Warriors’ odds for this season. Bet365 has the Cavs at 4.20 while William Hill is giving the team 4.00.

The Cavs still has a good shot at winning the championship if its mighty trio keeps to their strengths. The Warriors, on the other hand, will need to find a good synergy for Durant to remove any kinks in the juggernaut’s armor.