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New Gears of War Grassroot Tourneys to Start Next Month

Date Posted: July 11, 2017

Casual Misfits Gaming and Multiplay are hosting two Gears of War grassroot tournaments. The two tournaments will be running in August.

The two tournaments will have participants compete in Gears of War 4. The game features the multiplayer Escalation mode which is made for eSports event, and these tourneys can become events for esports Bitcoin betting.

Gears esports grassroot tournaments

The grassroot tournament for Gears esports in North America will be the CMG Offseason Open which is hosted by Casual Misfits Gaming. The event will be on Aug. 5 to 6 at the Casual Misfits Gaming Studio in Corona, California.

The CMG Open will have 16 esports teams competing in the tournament. Its prize pool will be announced soon.  The tournament format will be a bracket type and will use the Escalation 5v5, double elimination mode.

For the Europe side, there will be a Know Your Roots EU Open event on Aug. 19 to 20. This tournament will take place in the Alt Gaming Lounge, which is Nottingham’s largest gaming venue in the UK.

This EU Open will have 24 teams competing for a £4,000 prize pool. The tournament will also use Gears of War 4 Escalation mode with a ‘best of 3’ bracket format.

A team must have five people in order to participate in the tournament. Anyone is free to join regardless of skill level. Even free agent players are welcome if any team is missing the necessary number of players.

Both tournaments will reward tournament winners with pro points. These are for the Gears esports MLG. First place winners in both tournaments will receive 5,000 pro points. The lowest amount of pro points for the 13th to 16th placers of the CMG open is 900.

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Gears of War 4 Escalation Mode

Escalation is a new multiplayer mode in Gears of War 4. This is essentially the game’s ‘king of the hill’ gameplay mode.

In Escalation, two teams will need to gain 200 points to win the match. To collect points, a team will need to capture any of three hills in the map. Captured hills will steadily produce points to the team that controls it. Another way to win a match is for a team to control all three hills at the same time.

Both teams will want to control at least two hills to have a good point production rating throughout the game. Two hills are usually situated near the spawn points of both teams. The third hill is in the middle of the map which requires both teams to venture farther out of their spawn points in order to capture it.