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New SportsBet.io Offers Live Streaming Service & More

Date Posted: December 13, 2017

CoinGaming Group pushed for a complete rebrand of its popular sportsbook. The recent Sportsbet.io rebrand aims to establish the sports betting site as the premier website for Bitcoin sports bettors.

Showcasing a new website paired with impressive online betting services, Sportsbet.io offers a new website design as well as a live streaming service. It also now brings a sportsbook and a casino to all players.

Joe McCallum, director of sportsbook of the CoinGaming Group, said:

“Sportsbet.io has performed beyond expectations since its launch in 2016, and introducing this revolutionary new product so soon after the first is yet more proof of our commitment to putting the customer at the centre of our universe. We have streamlined the site considerably, with significant investment in the user experience and design of a functional and personalised service, which we believe has raised the bar for the sportsbook experience, in keeping with our fun, fast & fair mantra.”

More than a website redesign

Rebranded Sportsbet.io has now officially openedThe process of rebranding Sportsbet.io began at the start of the year. CoinGaming Group hired several people for their marketing and sports betting team. The teams spent a majority of 2017, including the summer months, to find a way to push the brand.

One of the latest features of the rebranding process is the sportsbook new website design. The design came from the help of UI/UX experts. These experts have also used many customer feedbacks when creating the website design. The feedbacks include the things that punters want out of a Bitcoin sports betting site.

The new design aims at offering a consistent service quality across desktop and mobile users. It also allows for a fun environment that has fast and fair wagering. Thanks to the new design, punters can easily navigate the sportsbook on almost any platform.

Another feature included in the rebranding process is a one-click betting system that makes it easy for mobile bettors to place wagers.

Joining this feature is its live streaming or in-play services for its sportsbook. The In-Play service allows punters to place bets on the teams or makes other wagers in the middle of a live game.

Rebrand Promo and Future of Sportsbet.Io

To celebrate the rebranded Sportsbet.io, the sportsbook is offering a Boost Bonanza campaign. The campaign has price boosts on popular sports markets such as football and basketball for the next 10 days. Players can win as much as 100 mBTC during the campaign.

Sportsbet.io is planning to add other features to open its doors to various bettors. One example is its addition of other languages for Japanese, Russian, Brazilian, and Portuguese members. Another feature that will soon go live in the sportsbook is altcoin deposits. These include popular altcoins like Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple. It will even include two of the latest Bitcoin siblings which are Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold.