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UK Sportsbooks Reveal Their NFL Week 3 Predictions

Date Posted: September 19, 2018

The NFL had concluded its second week yesterday with a game from the Seattle Seahawks and Chicago Bears. Now, fans are looking at the odds for NFL Week 3 which will start on September 21, Friday and will kick off with a New York Jets versus Cleveland Browns game.

Sportsbooks like Bet365 and William Hill have already released their respective predictions. With this week’s odds laid out, which teams will standout and which will suffer defeat?

Cleveland Browns vs New York Jets

Sportsbooks are leaning more toward a win for Cleveland Browns. Bet365 has 10/17 odds for the Browns while William Hill gives the team 29/50 odds. Meanwhile, both oddsmakers see the Jets losing because of the huge defensive breakdown the team had against the Miami Dolphins in Week 2. Bet 365 gives New York 6/4 odds while William Hill sets the team with 29/20 odds to win.

The Browns’ record so far this season is composed of a tie (21-21) with the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 1, and a defeat (21-18) against the New Orleans Saints in Week 2. Are the Browns ready for a win?

For this week, sportsbooks think that the team may have the upper hand. Cleveland made eight forced takeaways which took the lead for this season. Plus, rookie cornerback Denzel Ward made two interceptions, while CB Terrence Mitchell broke open two fumbles in the last game.

With a score of 20-12 to the Dolphins, the Jets are also not coming in the third week as winners. This week, New York will play without their two starters Josh Martin and Neal Sterling as both players are dealing with concussions. Plus, safety Marcus Maye will be sitting this game out due to his foot injury.

Despite the Jets’ loss to Miami, couple of team injuries, and sportsbooks favoring against New York, Jets’ head coach Todd Bowles will not give his team spirit up for this week’s game. He said:

“We know they [Browns] have a good team. It’s the NFL, we don’t look at anybody’s record, and we just play week by week. We’re expecting a tough game and I know that we’re going to get one.”

Minnesota Vikings vs Buffalo Bills

The Minnesota Vikings are favored by sportsbooks over Buffalo Bills. Bet365 gives the Vikings 1/14 odds to win while William Hill sets the team with 7/100 odds. Meanwhile, both bookmakers give the Bills 17/2 odds to win.

Still undefeated, the Vikings left Week 2 with a tied game with Green Bay Packers. Meanwhile, the Bills lost to the Los Angeles Chargers at 31-20 at their own home turf, New Era Field.

Houston Texans vs New York Giants

Even if Houston Texans has not won any games yet, sportsbooks think that they will win over the New York Giants. Bet365 and William Hill favor the Texans for Week 3 with 5/13 and 37/100 odds, respectively. Meanwhile, the Giants are predicted to lose as the team’s odds are 43/20 on Bet365 and  11/5 on William Hill.

With a record of 315 rushing yards, Houston holds the leading record so far in the NFL. Houston Texans head coach Bill O’Brien plans on making new strategies for Week 3. He said:

“I think we’re leading the league in rushing right now, which is a good thing, but it’s not good to be 0-2, obviously. So, we have to figure it out. We understand that but I do like the way we’re running the ball. I think I can help it with certain play calls moving forward.”

Same as Houston, the New York Giants is also at 0-2. The Giants lost to the Dallas Cowboys in Week 2 with a score of 20-13. In spite of the small seven-point gap, the Cowboys made a touchdown in less than two minutes, giving them a lead of 10 points by half time.

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Washington Redskins vs Green Bay Packers

Despite Washington Redskins’ loss against Indianapolis Colts at 21-9 in Week 2, sportsbooks are rooting for Redskins in Week 3. Both Bet365 and William Hill give the Redskins 4/6 odds to win and the Packers 13/10 odds.

This week’s game will not be the first time Washington and Green Bay face each other on the field. Back in 2016, the Packers lost to Redskins with a score of 42-24. Considering the Redskins’ total losses, bettors should still not overlook the Packers as they had a tie with the Minnesota Vikings at 29-29 last week.

Kansas City Chiefs vs San Francisco 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers lost during their season opening, but they won against the Detroit Lions in Week 2 at 30-27. They almost lost this game as their passing player Jimmy Garoppolo made a critical error of throwing an interception with little more than two minutes left in the game, leading to a standoff with the Lions but eventually getting back the lead for the win.

After the game, Jimmy Garoppolo said:

“When you get the opportunity, you’ve got to take advantage of it. It’s a lot of little things coming together. You can’t let human nature take over at that point.”

In spite of the 49ers victory in Week 2, Kansas City Chiefs are the ones who are predicted to win in Week 3. Bet365 are in favor of the Chiefs set at 4/11 odds to win. William Hill is also on Kansas’ side with 5/14 odds. The 49ers are seen to lose this week with Bet365 and William Hill giving the team 9/4 and 23/10, respectively.

During Week 2, it can be recalled that Kansas’ star player and record-setting quarterback Patrick Mahomes made a record-breaking six touchdown passes which is the most touchdown passes for the first three games of an NFL career. Now holding 10 scoring passes, Mahomes went past Mark Rypien’s and Marcus Mariota’s record of eight.

Miami Dolphins vs Oakland Raiders

The Miami Dolphins have also been unbeatable since the season started. Recently winning against the New York Jets at 20-12, the Dolphins have 10/17 and 29/50 odds of winning in Week 3 according to Bet365 and William Hill.

The Oakland Raiders have not won any games yet, although they almost won over Denver Broncos in Week 2 at a score of 20-19. The Raiders had a 12-point lead by halftime but soon lost the game overall as Brandon McManus made a late field goal for the Broncos. Now, Bet365 and William Hill predict a loss for the Raiders with 6/4 odds and 29/20 odds.

The start of NFL’s third week is fast approaching. Will sportsbooks’ favorites prevail this week? Or will underdogs stand their ground and bag a win?

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