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Odds: England Has Clear Shot at UEFA Women’s Euro 2017

Date Posted: August 1, 2017

The 2017 UEFA Women’s Championship or more commonly known as UEFA Women’s Euro 2017 will continue on Aug. 4. It will showcase the semifinal matches between England and Holland as well as Denmark and Austria.

Bitcoin sportsbook platforms smile down on England after its incredible victory over France. Following the English team is The Netherlands who got the win against Norway, Belgium, and Sweden. The two favored teams will be facing each other in the semifinals. Moreover, Denmark and Austria will square off on the same day.

The Netherlands vs England

Most Bitcoin sportsbooks lean toward the lionesses for the upcoming match. William Hill has England at 2.00 while The Netherlands has 3.40 odds. Sportsbet.io gives a slightly better price with England at 2.16 and The Netherlands at 3.46.

The English team can rightfully claim 2017 as their year because the team grew from being the underdog of the UEFA Women’s Euro to being one of the powerhouses of the tournament. The team won a historic victory against France in the last game, making it England’s first win against the French team in 43 years. This is thanks to Jodie’s hunger for the goals that the team broke France’s defense.

The semifinals match will be on The Netherlands’ turf. The Norwegian team was dominating in its last match against Sweden. The Netherlands went heavy with its offensive play against Sweden. This left the Swedes to just countering The Netherlands’ offensive. Martens and Meidama got in the score for the team. Sweden tried to bring an offensive pressure in the second half of the game. However, the Swedes could not capitalize on most of the chances presented to its players during this period.

The Netherlands has not been consistent with its victories this year. What’s more, this is not the same England that they won against in the past. England is an attractive bet for this game with their price at 2.00 and above in another Bitcoin sportsbook.

Denmark vs Austria

The other upcoming match on Aug.  4 will be between Denmark and Austria. Bet365 has Denmark as the favored team with odds of 2.25 while Austria gets 3.00. Sportsbet.io gives Denmark 2.29 while setting Austria with 3.10.

Germany was taken by surprise with Denmark’s performance in the last game. Germany was the favored team for the match and is expected to bring home the trophy for the seventh time this season. This plan quickly changed when Nadia Nadim got a goal about four minutes after half time. Theresa Nielsen shut down any chance for Germany to even reach the finals with another goal during the last 10 minutes of the game.

Meanwhile, Austria is the least favored team for the finals with Bet365 outright market setting their odds at 9.00. The team did manage to win against Switzerland and Iceland earlier. They even finished in a draw against France where Austria was the underdog of the match.

In the upcoming semifinals match, Austria may have a chance against Denmark. Either way, the pricing on both teams makes them a valued bet in the next match.