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Odds: Muguruza Will Win US Open Women’s Singles Title

Date Posted: August 30, 2017

US Open 2017 women’s singles odds are leaning toward Garbine Muguruza this season. This can be due to her performance in the Wimbledon finals against Venus Williams.

Following Muguruza is Karoline Plíšková who is the second favored player to win the US Open. Meanwhile, Maria Sharapova is the only other player with single-digit odds for the next Grand Slam.

Garbine Muguruza odds

Muguruza is currently the No. 3 ranked world ranking women’s player and once held the No. 2 spot in 2016. Bet365 puts her at 4.50 to win the US Open while William Hill has her at 4.00.

Aggressive play style and strong ground strokes have carried Muguruza to fame when she won an upset against Caroline Wozniacki in the Australian Open in 2014. Wozniacki was the No. 1 world ranking player at that time. She even beat Serena Williams in the French Open in the same year. Muguruza even defeated Williams again in French Open 2016, making it her first Grand Slam title in her career.

In the recent Wimbledon, Muguruza took her second Grand Slam title after defeating Venus Williams. It was a contest of endurance as Williams ran out of gas in the second set. Apart from the Wimbledon win, the high Muguruza odds also come from her victory in Cincinnati during the first part of August.

Despite her victories, however, bookies are setting her at 4.00 and above. Historically, Muguruza has never seen past the second round of the US Open. With what everyone is seeing in women’s singles since Serena Williams is out, it is still everyone’s game at this point.

With 4.00 odds and above, Muguruza can be a good value to many players. This can be seen with her opening match for the US Open. Muguruza shows that she can improvise her gameplay when moving away from baseline power hitting. This ability may carry her to the finals this season.

Karoline Plíšková and Maria Sharapova odds

The two competitors who are close to Muguruza’s odds are Karoline Plíšková and Maria Sharapova. Plíšková is set at 7.00 at Bet365 and William Hill. Maria Sharapova gets 9.00 from both Bitcoin sportsbook platforms as well.

Plíšková achieves the WTA No. 1 world rank last July. However, she has yet to win any Grand Slam titles in her career. Like Muguruza, she plays it aggressively and delivers strong ground strokes. Her powerful strokes are also quite accurate. She achieved 80-percent serve-and-volley points in the US Open 2016 finals.

On the other hand, Sharapova just came back to her first Grand Slam after her suspension. Despite just returning, she managed to surprise everyone with her victory against Simona Halep. A feat that is not to be taken lightly since Halep is the No. 2 world ranking player.