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Odds: Sebastian Vettel Will Win in Spain GP 2018

Date Posted: May 8, 2018

Sebastian Vettel enjoys better odds to win Spain Grand Prix this weekend compared to his rival, Lewis Hamilton, who is currently leading the driver standings with 70 points

Sports betting sites favor the Ferrari driver this time around, and this can be attributed to this performance in Azerbaijan almost two weeks ago. Vettel took advantage of the safety car, and this had caused Hamilton to struggle to keep up. Meanwhile, even after a disastrous collision between Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo, the odds for both Red Bull Racing drivers remain unchanged. The question now is: Which driver will improve their standings by finishing first in Spain GP 2018?

Vettel’s Control of the Race

Circuit de Barcelona-CatalunyaFor the first time this season, Vettel tops the betting market. NetBet sets Vettel with 2.45 odds while Hamilton gets 2.55 odds to win. Bet365 gives Vettel 2.50 odds while Hamilton gets 2.62.

At the start of the Azerbaijan race, Vettel led with Valterri Bottas and Hamilton close behind. Vettel held on to his position until the safety car came out early in the race to control the other drivers speed.

Vettel found himself in an advantageous position as both Mercedes drivers were behind him during the safety car period. He spent the period warming his tires by accelerating and braking. This erratic behavior from Vettel had Hamilton on edge during the safety car period because Vettel’s constant change in speed could result in a crash. Hamilton failed to accelerate at the right moment when the safety car went back to the pits in the fourth right because of Vettel’s unusual driving.

Hamilton hinted that he might talk to Charlie Whiting, director of Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), regarding Vettel’s conduct. The FIA responded to the Mercedes driver, stating thatthe organization did not see any violation committed by Vettel during the previous race.

Whiting said:

“I think he [Vettel] controlled it very well but it’s up to the leading driver to say when we go. Unlike some other series, they have an acceleration zone, a place where you can accelerate. You can’t do it before or after that. Once it goes green, the Safety Car comes into the pits, it’s up to the leader to decide when he is going to go. This is a tricky place, they catch the Safety Car too early if they go too quickly. I think Seb controlled it well. There was a bit of a complaint from Lewis that he wasn’t going at a constant rate, but if you look down the field, there’s a few places where that happens. To expect them to go at one speed doesn’t happen. So long as no one does anything dangerous, we’re happy.”

Both Mercedes drivers could not overtake Vettel through the majority of the race. Hamilton, Kimi Räikkönen, and Sergio Perez of Force India Mercedes, only managed to overtake Vettel because of his Ferrari locking up at turn one in Lap 47.

Other than Vettel’s creativity on the track, Circuit de Barcelona track’s many long straights favor Ferrari cars.

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Unfortunate Disaster for the Red Bulls

The Azerbaijan race was a painful day for Verstappen and Ricciardo when the two Red Bull drivers collided with one another. Red Bull lost a considerable amount of points for the Constructor Championship when the two drivers retired from the race.

Bookmakers, however, still see potential in the two drivers. Ricciardo and Verstappen are set with 9.75 odds from NetBet and 10.00 odds from Bet365.

Verstappen and Ricciardo were competing with each other despite being on the same team during Azerbaijan. Red Bull allows this competitive behavior during the race with the condition that the two keep a clear head. The crash forced the two drivers to address the entire Red Bull team at their Milton Keynes base before going to Barcelona for the next race.

There will likely be pressure on Verstappen to keep his driving clean in the next race after getting disqualified twice this season. As Ricciardo demonstrated at Shanghai in April, the Red Bull drivers have what it takes to overtake Mercedes and Ferrari teams in the Championship. Bookmakers are banking on the capabilities of the Red Bull team to win the race if Hamilton or Vettel dropped the ball in the next Grand Prix.

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