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Odds Sees Another Patriotic Victory in Super Bowl LII

Date Posted: January 19, 2018

Super Bowl LII is the climax of a strong 2017 NFL season in the US. UK punters can join in on the fun on Feb. 4 via many Bitcoin sportsbooks in the region like Bet365 and William Hill.

Patriots are once again the favorite for this season’s Super Bowl. Bookies place the Vikings on the second favored team despite a frustrating season last year.Teams Get Their Chance to Go to Super Bowl

New England Patriots Odds

Bet365 gives the Patriots 2.05 odds to win Super Bowl while William Hill sets the former champion at 2.00. With the likes of Tom Brady and co-patriots, New England is the one to beat for this season.

Tom Brady is a multi-awarded quarterback of the Patriots. He has two NFL MVP awards and four Super Bowl MVP awards. Brady also has the honor to be the first quarterback in the league to have five Super Bowl rings. As of this time of writing, Brady has all major Super Bowl passing record as well as the most appearance of seven in Super Bowl. It will take a considerable amount of effort to get one over the best NFL quarterback this season.

Patriots also has its defensive coordinator Matt Patricia, who is in demand among many teams such as the Giants. His strength is in how he connects with the players on a personal level. He knows how to bring out the best in a player.

Another important factor is the man behind the Patriots, Bill Belichick. The team’s general manager Belichick is all about staying cool no matter how tight a situation gets. He and the Patriots keep their focus in a tension-filled environment full of trash talks.

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Minnesota Vikings Odds

Bookies may still be feeling the glitter of the amazing ‘Minnesota Miracle’ play when they gave the Vikings the second favored spot for Super Bowl. Bet365 puts them at 2.87 while William Hill settles at 3.00 for the Vikings.

Year 2016 was a wake-up call for the Vikings. The team was unbeatable for the first five months of the season. Afterwards, everything went downhill where it only won three games of the last 11. This season, the Vikings upgraded its roster to improve its offense.

Minnesota has invested heavily in the likes of Mike Remmers and Riley Reiff. It also has seasoned starters Alex Boon and Joe Berger who can still bring their A game to the offensive line.

Sam Bradford, however, is not Tom Brady. But, he has been putting a significant amount of effort for Minnesota last season to get their numbers at the highest despite having a bad offensive line. Bradford and the likes of Dalvin Cook, Jerick McKinnon, Latavius Murray on the backfield as well as the improved offensive line might be enough to pull off a miracle again in the Super Bowl.

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