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How Online Esports Betting Becomes More Attractive

Date Posted: January 3, 2018

The esports betting scene has been enjoyed by millions of punters all around the world. Gamers, in particular however, are the main audience of esports tournaments.

There are many reasons why gamers would flock toward top esportsbook sites when a major tournament is around the corner. Some of these sportsbooks are Arcanebet, BetOnline.ag, Pinnacle, and BetEast.

Pro Esports Players Have a Role

Not every basketball fan can play like Kevin Durant or LeBron James. This applies to games where not every fighting game player is also like Daigo and not all StarCraft players are like Flash.

Professional players help elevate the games they compete in. They dedicate themselves to mastering a specific game. Pro players know the efficient way of managing a lane in a MOBA game or perform a long chain of combos in a fighting game.

Many young viewers want to see pro players in action because of the feats they achieve in popular games. Gamers want to see moments such as Daigo’s iconic parry with combo follow up against Justin’s Chun-Lee in Evo 2004. They want to bet on players such as Happy who can pull off an ace kill in CS:GO.

Most pro players treat esports as a job instead of a hobby. This is due to the salary they are paid with. In order for their checks to keep coming, pro players need to keep playing the games to improve and maintain their performance.

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Many Esports Betting Sites to Choose from

High-speed internet and video streaming services have helped in the growth of the esports community. Everyone can catch every major esports event in any place that has a decent broadband connection.

Bet on Esports with Bitcoin in Top Online Sportsbooks

Gone are the days when people need to travel to another state to watch a live esports match. These days, everyone can easily catch a live stream of a match as it happens on popular streaming sites. Some video sites will also provide highlight clips for a specific match or tournament.

The same also holds true in the esportsbook market. There are several sportsbooks to go to when anyone wants to put money down on their favorite esports players or teams.  Many of these sportsbooks provide many options for punters to fund their bankroll. This includes credit cards, e-wallet services, and cryptocurrency payments like Bitcoin.

Many of the sportsbooks also offer streams from popular streaming services. This allows punters to see the match without leaving the gambling site.

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Alternative to Traditional Online Sports Betting

Gamers are likely to be drawn into esports matches than traditional sports. Some punters are likely followers of the esports scene for a specific game and might be familiar with certain teams as well as players.

People who have been playing the games may also be familiar with the different side bets for esports matches instead of other sports. This includes the Map Winner wherein players bet on who will win a specific round of a match.