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Popular European Football Leagues You Should Never Miss

Date Posted: January 11, 2018

Football fans will have a thrill-filled year with matches from many of the popular football leagues in Europe. Most of the European football matches from the best leagues are geared have the highest level of competition continuing on this year.

European football fans have numerous matches to bet on, including the favored teams in different leagues covered by leading sportsbooks. With football fever undeniably on, here are the popular European football leagues punters should always wager on.Premier League, Serie A, and La Liga

Premier League

There are very few football leagues that can get as many views and audience as the Premier League does. One match can generate more than 12 million viewers from around the world. Eighty broadcasters have been airing the Premier League matches across 212 areas worldwide.

The reason for the popularity of the Premier is its roster. There are the likes of Manchester United, Chelsea, and the dominating Manchester City. The three are often the favored teams in this league.

Manchester City is currently the most favored team this season. The team’s performance level is on a different level compared with the rest. Bet365 puts Man City at 1.01 odds and the closest team is Chelsea with 67.00. In the outright market that does not list Man City, Chelsea is set at 2.50 with Man United at 2.87 and Liverpool at 3.75.

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La Liga

La Liga is the second popular football league in Europe. While it is not the most watched league in Europe, it can still get an average of 2.2 million audiences around the world.

The reason for the league’s popularity is its competitive teams. La Liga is where punters can find Lionel Messi playing for Barcelona and Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid. Barcelona is currently the dominating team in the league. William Hill puts the team at 1.03 while its rival, Real Madrid, gets 17.00.

Barcelona has the likes of Messi and Suarez who can deliver in performance. Its clean sheet victory against Levante shows how dangerous Barcelona is. On the other hand, Real Madrid has significantly slipped as it went for a draw at Celta. This puts the team 16 points below Barcelona.

Serie A

Another league to never miss is Serie A. It also has several football teams whose players have had the honor of winning the Ballon d’Or awards. The one to watch out for is the title holder Juventus. Cloudbet gives the team 1.9 odds with Napoli close behind with 2.050. Juventus is one of Italy’s powerful football clubs. It has been consistent with its performance throughout the last season.

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