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Which Prop Bets to Check for 2017 LoL World Championship?

Date Posted: September 25, 2017

Some Bitcoin sportsbooks offer League of Legends World Championship 2017 prop bets as the series continues this week. Players can bet on the 16 esports teams who are playing for a spot in the playoffs.

Certain sportsbooks provide some exciting betting markets for the outcome of the entire series as part of their esports Bitcoin betting services. One example is a wager on the teams who will make it to the finals.

To win outright

This market is for the team who will win the entire series. Nitrogen Sports offers these prop bets and has set SK Telecom T1 and Longzhu to top the leaderboard with 2.50 and 2.76 odds, respectively.

Outright markets are often a good value for wagers on strong League of Legends teams. Individual matches between powerful teams and weak underdogs often have favored teams set with odds of 1.50 or less. On the other hand, outright markets usually have favored teams set at more than 2.00.

The disadvantage of the outright markets is the long waiting period for the market to resolve. Many things can happen during this period. There is always a possibility that low-tier or an underdog team might walk away with the title instead of the two favored teams. This is why the odds for outright markets are higher than individual match markets.

Kill next Dragon/ Baron Nashor

Killing either of the two neutral units takes considerable time and effort. Teams who are attacking either Baron Nashor or the Elemental Dragons run the risk of getting interrupted by the opposing team. Upon killing either Baron or one of the Dragons, the team gains a large amount of gold and a significant increase in their stats.

Pro esports teams are sure to target either of the two strong units. Sportsbooks such as BetEast is offering prop bets on which of the team will be the first to take down either Baron or a Dragon. The prop bet is available on almost each individual matches.

Team to draw first blood

One of the common achievements in almost any competitive gaming is ‘first blood’ or the first to score a kill during a match. A team that kills a player gains a significant edge in the form of gold and experience.

First blood bets can make the early part of a match exciting for a bettor who will look forward to the first team to score a kill in a specific match.  mBit Casino is offering this market for individual matches.

Winners group

Bet365 is offering a prop bet for picking which of the four groups will the winner of the World Championship to come from. For example, bettors who wager on Group A will win their wagers if SK Telecom T1 or AHQ E-Sports Club were to win the finals match.