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Raw Domination: WWE Survivor Series 2018 Recap

Date Posted: November 20, 2018

Raw retains its title as the supreme brand in the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) franchise on November 18 at WWE Survivor Series 2018. The winning brand’s team of wrestlers won 6-0 against the opposing brand, SmackDown.

This year’s Survivor Series took place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. The annual pay-per-view had a theme similar to last year’s – “brand supremacy.” Eight matches were booked for the night, and six of these determined which of the two brands – SmackDown and Raw – would reign supreme.

Hours before Sunday’s program started, @WWE tweeted a teaser of the upcoming matches in Survivor Series 2018. The tweet read:

“The battle of brand supremacy kicks into high gear when #RAW and #SDLive go head-to-head TONIGHT at #SurvivorSeries, streaming LIVE at 7e/4p on @WWENetwork!”

In Survivor Series 2017, there was a close fight between Team Raw and Team SmackDown as the event ended with a score of 4-3 to Team Raw. But this year, Raw did not give SmackDown any chance to score a match in the pay-per-view.

Here are the highlights of Survivor Series 2018:

1| Nia Jax Stole Asuka’s Chance to Win for Team SmackDown

Survivor Series 2018 kicked off with a 5-on-5 Women’s Division elimination match. The contenders under Raw were Mickie James, Tamina Snuka, Bayley, Nia Jax, and Sasha Banks, while those under SmackDown were Naomi, Sonya Deville, Asuka, Mandy Rose, and Carmella.

Days before the elimination match, 5Dimes set the odds for which team would win the brawl. The bookmaker favored Team SmackDown with -195 odds of winning and gave Team Raw +155 odds.

Nia Jax won a point for Raw by pinning SmackDown’s remaining contender Asuka after a Samoan Drop. However, Raw almost incurred a loss as Nia suddenly turned on her teammate Sasha Banks moments before the win.

When Sonya Deville and Bayley got eliminated via count out after a Bayley-to-Belly suplex later in the match, Team Raw was at a 2-to-1 advantage with Nia Jax, with Sasha Banks still in the ring against Asuka. But as Banks was climbing up the top rope to do an aerial maneuver against Asuka, Nia pushed her teammate from outside, causing her to go straight into Asuka’s fist. Asuka took advantage of the moment and did the Asuka Lock on Banks who then tapped out of the match.

WWE Universe immediately tweeted a clip of what Nia did to Banks moments after it happened. The @WWEUniverse tweet read:

“Hold on……you guys are on the SAME TEAM!”

After Banks’ elimination, Nia went in the ring to give Asuka multiple leg drops. She then gave Asuka the Samoan Drop and pinned her to end the match.

By the end of the first match, @WWE tweeted a picture of Nia Jax raising her arms in celebration. The tweet read:

“#IrresistibleForce. #Facebreaker. #SoleSurvivor.”

Meanwhile, Sasha Banks expressed her dismay on Twitter in regards to what happened during the brawl. She tweeted:

“You can lay everything on the line to prove you belong. It doesn’t mean they were ever going to accept you. #SurvivorSeries”

Will Nia Jax’s actions in Survivor Series be a cause for another feud with Sasha Banks in the upcoming shows of Raw?

2| Seth Rollins Blacked out Shinsuke Namura

Intercontinental champion Seth Rollins scored a point for Raw after beating SmackDown’s United States champion Shinsuke Nakamura in a singles match.

@WWE tweeted a photo of the stats that both champions had a few hours before the fight. The tweet read:

“It’s ARCHITECT vs. ARTIST tonight at #SurvivorSeries. Who ya got: @WWERollins or @ShinsukeN?”

However, 5Dimes gave a different prediction to the match when it favored Shinsuke over Seth with its odds. The bookie gave Shinsuke -170 odds of winning while Seth stood at +130.

This match was the first time both wrestlers faced each other in the ring. The fight between these wrestlers took quite some time as they gave each other heavy blows. Seth did not hesitate in giving Shinsuke multiple knees to the face. Meanwhile, Shinsuke made sure to kick Seth when he had an opening.

Seth even gave Shinsuke a taste of his signature Suicide Dive after throwing the Japanese wrestler outside the ring.

@WWEUniverse instantly tweeted a clip of Seth’s aerial move as soon as it happened. The tweet read:

“This is what happens when you compete against #TheKingslayer! @WWERollins #SurvivorSeries”

The match ended with Seth giving Shinsuke the Blackout before pinning him for the win. Following this, Team Raw got a 2-0 lead at this point of Survivor Series.

@WWE tweeted a photo of Seth Rollins’ moment of victory. The tweet read:

“#ICChampion @WWERollins’ victory over #USChampion @ShinsukeN = a 2-0 lead for Team #RAW! #SurvivorSeries”

During a post-match interview backstage, Seth Rollins found out that he will be facing his friend-turned-enemy Dean Ambrose at WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders, & Chairs pay-per-view for his Intercontinental title.

@WWE tweeted the clip of Seth receiving the news shortly after it happened. The tweet read:

“A bit of BREAKING NEWS at #SurvivorSeries as @WWERollins learns he’ll be defending his #ICTitle against @TheDeanAmbrose at #WWETLC!”

3| Authors of Pain Stood As Better Tag Team Champions

Tag Team champions Authors of Pain (AOP) took home another point for Team Raw after they won their Tag Team match against SmackDown’s own Tag Team champions The Bar. AOP, consisting of Akam and Rezar, was accompanied by Drake Maverick at ringside while the Bar, Cesaro and Sheamus, had Big Show as their manager for the brawl.

The odds set by 5Dimes for this match were spot on as they favored AOP in winning the fight. AOP stood at -280 odds of winning while the Bar at +200 odds.

The Bar almost owned the match by giving members of AOP a taste of big slams and heavy blows. As Sheamus was pinning Rezar to put an end to the match, Drake decided to get involved by placing Rezar’s foot on the ropes. Drake then called the attention of the referee who stopped counting after seeing where the Author’s foot was.

Drake’s actions caused Cesaro to chase him, and as Drake tried to escape, Big Show stopped him with a Shoulder Block. Big Show threatened Drake by carrying him by the neck, causing him to “pee” himself in fright.

@WWE even tweeted a clip of the mishap as soon as it happened. The tweet read:

“#AOP’s @WWEMaverick wasn’t quite prepared to run into @WWETheBigShow at ringside… #SurvivorSeries”

The Authors took advantage of the distraction and did a Double-Team Powerbomb on Sheamus which led to AOP’s victory. Their win added another point to Team Raw for a 3-0 lead.

@WWE posted on Twitter a GIF of AOP leaving as soon as the match ended with Drake wiping off his pant stain. The tweet read:

“Nothing to see here. @WWEMaverick is totally fine. Oh… and #TeamRAW is now 3-0! #SurvivorSeries”

4| Braun Strowman Powerbombed His Way Through Team SmackDown

Another 5-on-5 elimination match happened between Team Raw and Team SmackDown. This time it was in the Men’s Division. Team SmackDown had Jeff Hardy, Samoa Joe, Rey Mysterio, Shane McMahon, and the Miz while Team Raw had Bobby Lashley, Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, Braun Strowman, and Finn Balor.

5Dimes predicted that Raw would be winning this match. Not surprisingly, the bookie was right as Braun Strowman led the team to victory. The sportsbook gave Raw -170 odds and SmackDown +130 odds of winning.

During the match, Team SmackDown knew that they should worry about Strowman. The team did everything to keep him down. They even put him through the announcers’ table in an attempt to keep him down.

@WWE immediately tweeted the video of how Shane McMahon, the Miz, Jeff Hardy, and Rey Mysterio set up their huge opponent for an Elbow Drop. The tweet read:

“THIS is one way to take out The #MonsterAmongMen @BraunStrowman!”

However, when Strowman recovered, he was able to take down most of Team SmackDown on his own. He first eliminated Jeff Hardy after reversing the SmackDown member’s Twist of Fate with a Running Powerslam. He did the same counter when Rey Mysterio set him up for the 619.

@WWEUniverse even tweeted a clip of Mysterio’s unfortunate moment. The tweet read:


Strowman did the same Running Powerslam on the Miz and Shane McMahon. By this match, Raw stood over SmackDown with 4-0.

@WWE tweeted team Raw’s victory after this match. The tweet read:

“? GET ? THESE ? HANDS ? @BraunStrowman secures the victory for #TeamRAW. #SurvivorSeries”

5| Charlotte Flair DQ’d from Match Against Ronda Rousey

Raw’s Women’s champion Ronda “Rowdy” Rousey got another point for Team Raw after she won via disqualification in her match against ex-WWE Women’s champion Charlotte Flair. On the other hand, the brawl did not end well for the champion.

The odds set by 5Dimes for the match were already in favor of Rousey who stood at -505 odds. Meanwhile, Charlotte received +335 odds from the bookmaker.

Weeks before the pay-per-view, Rousey was scheduled to fight against SmackDown’s Women’s champion Becky Lynch. But during SmackDown’s invasion of Raw days before Survivor Series, Becky suffered a legitimate broken face after being punched by Nia Jax. The injury caused Becky to be pulled from the fight and be replaced by Charlotte.

Becky even tweeted hours before Survivor Series how she felt about not being able to make it to the fight. Her tweet read:

“Everyone writing love letters to each other on social media about #SurvivorSeries tonight. Well here’s my statement: I cannot wait to get out of doctor jail and rip all your faces off. Signed, The Man.”

The match between Rousey and Charlotte started out fair as both wrestlers were throwing clean shots to each other. But the ex-champion made sure that she did not leave the ring without a fight.

A clip that @WWE tweeted showed a moment in the match when Charlotte threw Rousey straight to the bottom turnbuckle. The tweet read:

“This is even more intense than we imagined!”

Eventually, Charlotte got frustrated after failing to beat Rousey. The ex-champion got out of the ring and took a kendo stick that she repeatedly swung on Rousey. This act made the referee call the fight off with a disqualification in favor of Team Raw.

@WWE posted a photo of the attack on Twitter. The tweet read:

“.@MsCharlotteWWE has SNAPPED. #SurvivorSeries”

Charlotte started using a steel chair against Rousey while multiple referees were asking her to stop. She even performed her signature move, Natural Selection, on Rousey on to the steel chair. @WWEUniverse tweeted a GIF of this instance. The tweet read:

“#NaturalSelection onto a STEEL CHAIR!!! ?????”

WWE officials got into the ring to end the morbid assault on the Women’s Champion.

@WWE tweeted pictures of the brutal aftermath of this match. The tweet read:

“What just happened? @RondaRousey may never be the same after this brutal assault from @MsCharlotteWWE. #SurvivorSeries”

As Rousey stood up to leave, fans in the stadium started booing her.

@WWE posted an image of the moment Rousey looked back to the audience as she walked away. The tweet read:

“She showed up for a match. What she got was a war.”

Will Charlotte’s brutal attack on Rousey spark a feud between both wrestlers in the upcoming shows?

6| Brock Lesnar Took Daniel Bryan to Suplex City

WWE Universal champion Brock Lesnar took home Team Raw’s last win of the night after pinning the WWE Champion Daniel Bryan in a Champion vs. Champion match. Before the pay-per-view, 5Dimes gave higher odds to Lesnar as he stood with -300 odds of winning the match while Bryan received +220 odds.

Lesnar dominated the first few minutes of the match by giving Bryan a taste of Suplex City. The Universal Champ gave the WWE Champ multiple German Suplexes and Belly-to-Belly Suplexes.

During the match, @WWE tweeted a GIF of one of the many suplexes that Lesnar gave to Bryan. The tweet read:

“Again. And again. And again. And again. @BrockLesnar continues to dominate @WWEDanielBryan. #SurvivorSeries”

The Universal Champ even started chanting “Suplex City” with the audience.

@WWEUniverse posted a clip of this taking place. The tweet read:


However, the tables have turned as Lesnar attempted to do an F-5 on Bryan. It was a failed attempt, though, as the WWE Champ landed on his feet after accidentally hitting the referee. Bryan took advantage of the moment and gave the Universal Champ a Low Blow. The WWE Champ then ran to Lesnar and gave him a Busaiku Knee.

@WWE captured this moment and posted it on Twitter right after it happened. The tweet read:

“Can #WWEChampion @WWEDanielBryan SOMEHOW get back into this against #UniversalChampion @BrockLesnar?! #SurvivorSeries”

Bryan gained the upper hand at this point of the match. He even put Lesnar in a Crossface submission hold which almost made the Universal Champ submit.

@WWE tweeted a photo of the WWE Champ doing the move on Lesnar. The tweet read:

“Is @BrockLesnar going to TAP?!?!”

As Bryan figured that his hold was unsuccessful, he changed his position and gave Lesnar a Triangle Choke. But this gave the Universal Champ an opening which led to him countering Bryan with an F-5. Lesnar then pinned the WWE Champ to bag Team Raw’s final win of the night.

@WWEUniverse tweeted an image of Brock Lesnar leaving the ring with his fist raised as he was accompanied by his manager Paul Heyman. The tweet read:

“Reigning. Undisputed. BEAST.”

But the drama did not end there. WWE tweeted an online-exclusive video clip of Bryan leaving the stage with an evil grin. The tweet read:

“EXCLUSIVE: This looks like the beginning of a VERY different @WWEDanielBryan…#SurvivorSeries”

Was this the start of the current WWE Champion’s transition to a heel or was this the effect of the many suplexes he received from Lesnar?

Other matches that happened in Survivor Series 2018 were a pre-show 10-on-10 tag team elimination match between Team SmackDown and Team Raw. There was also a singles match for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship wherein Buddy Murphy won by pinning Mustafa Ali.

With all the events that unfolded in this year’s Survivor Series, fans are excited to know how the recent matches’ outcomes will affect the current WWE storyline.